Secrets out?!

It's been nearly two years since darcy was born. A year since harry last saw Samantha. A year since her life turn upside down . will harry find her?.will secrets be reveled.


20. Am I not sick? A busy day it was.

Samantha's P.O.V

Something is definitely wrong with me. Why? Well because I am meant to be deathly sick right now. Its been like what 3 months? Yet I am right here in the lounge laughing away with my cousins. The boys were all out somewhere. We told them to go out and have fun.

It was nearly time for me to change Harry. Honestly I was really scared. What if I killed him.The rule was that he needed to be changed in the other realm. Don't ask why because I don't even know myself.

A family wedding was coming up. My cousin was going to be getting married. Everything was prepared but you know just last minute stuff. I had work today.

Valentines Day was coming up. I cannot wait. My present for Harry is quite unexpected.

"Samantha you coming or what?" I heard Daniel my cousin say.

"For what. I have work?" I questioned.

"Yea so lets go. I'm with ya today." He said laughing.

We left and made our way down.

This is what I was wearing along with my normal make-up. I made my way down to see a queue.  I quickly made my way down and sat on my seat with Daniel following.

"Samantha they are all yours. I have to check room services."

"What?" I asked annoyed.

"Sorry. Rules are rules." By now he left. I just looked. But then came back to reality since I had customers. School holidays were coming up so yea that must be the reason.

"Hello. Welcome to 'THE DEVINE HOTEL' how may I help you?" I asked politely.

"Hello to you to. I made a booking for a family room." He replied.

"Name please." I asked while looking for the booking books.

"Brown." He answered straight away.

"Aaah yes sir. I have found your name." I said as I looked up and smiled. "Here are your keys. This is Isaac. Him and his group will be in your service until you leave. They will explain everything. Thank you. I hope you enjoy your stay at our hotel."

"Thanks so much. I hope I do." Mr Brown spoke as he left with Isaac and his group.

Now I knew why I had to dress 'smart'.



Half way through, I saw the boys coming in. I quickly sent Harry a mime message.

'Hey babe. Please don't come here. Really busy and don't want you to get jumped on. Really busy love you lots.' As this was sent, I saw Harry face me and he smiled and nodded then left. Phew. Nice save.

After 4 hours of booking in customers and booking them out, I was done. But only done with this job.

I had to do the list of rooms that needed cleaning, room services. Checking on the customers, Ordering the food ingredients that were needed for the kitchen and then I had to do restaurant duty. After that. I had to clean my room but my hotel room because Sharlene had to be in the other realm. Then the lounge.

So roughly I would be done at about 3 in the morning since it was now 6.

The reason being was because me and Sharlene had the biggest room in the hotel.

It took me 2 and a half hrs to write the list. Now I had to serve. Dinner duty I was an hour late but I still had stay that extra hour. So at ten I was done. Then Cleaning services took about 4 hours because I had to run up and down. Constantly.

It was 2am in the morning.

I was just about to start room services and customers services but I got a text:

H-Hi babe.xx You awake?

S- Hey Yea I am. I don't sleep remember. :*

H- Yea I know. But where are you. I knocked and you weren't in. :(

S- Aww hun. Sorry. I am everywhere.


S- Im working.

H-Samantha its 2 am. Why are you still working?

S- My work isn't complete.The adults are not home. The other kids have done theirs. Most of the older cousins are not here. They are in the other realm.

H- Baby I am sorry. Im just worried thats all. Can I help. I cannot sleep because I wanted you with me.

S- Harry I don't think thats a good Idea. I will finish at about 4 or later since I got held  up.

H- I don't care. Im not working untIl tour starts. PLEEEAAASSEE.

S- Fine meet me at top floor.

H-Thanks. See ya there love you..xx

S-Love ya to Harry. :* <3

5 minutes later, I heard the elevator ping. I looked towards it and there I saw a mop of curls which I knew belonged to Harry. He turned to look at me and then he had a big smile plastered on his face. Next thing I knew, I was lifted of off the floor.

"Babe I am soo glad I am with you." He said as he kissed my lips.

Our tongues started to get involved but then I pulled away.

"Come on. We have work to do." I said as I grabbed hold of his hand and led him to the table that's in the hall.

"So what we doing?" He asked as his arms were snaked around my waist and his chin resting on my shoulder.

"Customers and room services. We just look into these room that are listed and see what needs to be done. I will check the rooms and you will write. Is that ok?" I questioned him.

"Yes because you will be with me." I smiled and then we headed to the first room. "First room is 471." He said leading the way.

I pulled out the keys which was just for this floor.

"Bloody hell Samantha is that the keys for the whole hotel or what?" He asked gobsmacked.

"No Harold. This is just for this floor." I smiled.

"You what?! liar.Prove it."

"Okay fine. What is the last room on this floor?"

He looked in the book and checked.

"Uhh 771. Woah there's like 300 rooms on this floor."

"Here Harry. The last key. Also known as 771. Now do ya believe me." I asked with a grin.

"OMG. I sure do."

We entered 471 and the room was a mess.

"Okay. This is the first time I have seen a room like this. Atleast this room is more messier than just yours." I said as a matter of a fact. Harry didn't catch on but then he did.

"Hey! No fair."

"Aww you know I love you." I said as I kissed his cheek.

"Yea I know." He said.

"Okay lets start writing.First of, the bed sheets need washing, Any stuff like tissue boxes and stuff that don't belong to us thrown away.Furniture needs to wiped and cleaned. Bathroom items need new things.  Cleaned. Hoover. Clean windows. Got that?" I asked Harry as I faced him.

I saw him writing it all  out. Aww he looks so cute when he is concentrated.

"Yep. Now I do. Next room 472." He spoke as he walked out.

"Harry?" I said as I grabbed his wrist and turned him around. "Thanks for helping."

"Anything for you babe. By the way. I love what you are wearing." He spoke with a wink.

By now I knew I was blushing. We completed all the room. It was half 3 to 4am. We also ended up on checking the customers. If they were fine and had any issues.

It was just past 4am and the two of us made way to the kitchen but placed the books on the reception desk as we came.

"Harry in that cupboard, are some snacks bring them. I haven't had the chance to hunt." I said as I felt hungry.

He came back with a whole load of food. I felt my eyes going wide open. Then my eyes were turning a shade of orange.

"Babe are you okay?" Harry questioned. I looked up at him and shook my head so it would go to my normal eye colour.

"Hmm? Yea sorry. They turn orange when I see human food and I am hungry." I answered

"Oh okaay." He spoke as he sat and started to eat.

"Honey if you want some proper food, I'll make it. Do you want tea, coffee?" I asked.

'Na i'll just have coffee please." I smiled.

"Sure I will make some. Might as well make some for me."

"Woah woah woah. Hold up." He spoke as he blocked my way. "Did you just say you will make coffee for YOURSELF?"

"Uhh yeaa...?" I answered.

"But you hate coffee."

"Well after you left I started trying it And yea. But I still LOVE my tea." I said as I pointed that out.

He just laughed.

"Okay fine." He said. After making our coffee, I placed it on the kitchens table and ate. I started writing down the orders while Harry ate some food and a sandwich I made earlier.

Half way through I heard someone come in. It was one of my younger cousins. Also known as Yas's brother. Wonder where Yas is.

I stopped and walked towards him. I went to his height. Harry behind me.

"Ansel what are you doing up late. Its only 5am." I asked.

"I couldn't sleep.I tried looking for Yas but he is no where to be seen. The I started seeing lights being on. So I got scared. Then I came down here and saw the hotel kitchen light on and I heard your voice." When he said Yas was gone, I remembered he had to leave at midnight for his training.

"Okay come on lets take you back up." He nodded.

"I'll come with." Harry said as he held my cousins other hand. As we entered the room, we saw Ian's bro Hayden.


This is what there room looked like. Hayden, Ansel, Yas's other brother Simon and Isaac brothers stayed in this room.

"Whats up with you?" I whispered to Hayden.

"Nothing Ansel wasn't here. But he is now." He said looked really tired.

"Okay mate lets get you up." Harry said as he placed Hayden on the top bunk.

"Now your turn." He said as he placed Ansel on the bottom bunk.

"Thanks Harry." Hayden spoke.

"Can you and Samantha please sing us a song together?" Ansel asked with the other saying yea.

"Uh sure. Why not?" I shurgged.

We ended up singing 'Everything has changed' By Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. It sounded great. Me and Harry agreed we would sing it at dinner tomorrow.

After that, we went down to see my dad in the kitchen.

"Dad? What are you doing home?"

"Well I just come back from home and now I am going to the realm. What are you doing?" He asked as he looked around.

"Work.  Ansel and Hayden couldn't sleep so we put them back to bed.I have done the room services and customers service and the booking. You could have said there would be a lot of people coming and going." I said

"Oops soory must have slipped my mind." He said Happily.

"Oh Mr Styles. What are you doing here at this time of hour? Shouldn't you be asleep?"

"I couldn't sleep so I started helping her out?"

"Oh okay. Well I better go. Goodbye love." My dad said as he kissed my forehead and left. But said goodbye to Harry.

Thank god we drank our coffees before we left.


Both me and Harry left to clean up the lounge. That took 25 minutes. My room took and hour.

By the time the clock stroke 7, we were done.


"Now Harry go to sleep." I said as I pointed to my room door.

"You to Samantha." He spoke as he carried me bridal style.

As soon as our heads hit the bed I heard his fain snores. I was really thankful today. I gave him a light kiss. Good job he was wearing sweatpants. I quickly changed into lazy clothes. Also known as Harry. I took of his shoes and layed beside him. I felt his hand wrap around my waist.

Tight and secured.

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