Child's Play

I am a boy, she is a girl. But to identify someone by their gender is to identify someone by their race, I hide it so cunningly, and then, like a predator; I strike


1. A Brief Modern Overview

                It was then that she was displaced, moved from the only home she’d really ever known, two weeks in she lost her virginity, one month in; her sanity. “What could make an ordinary girl do such a thing as this?” on might ask quizzically in accordance to their observation to this obscene situation. The answer is clear, oh so blatant; men. We are the vile species that saps women, that pins them down into bondage, we crush their souls and hopes and dreams; rid them of their own ability to think and replace their word with objectification. The answer to that question is me, a man who resents what he does, someone who ridicules others for doing the very same thing. But at least I admit to its wrongness, its putrid display of human puppetry and task-making, I admit to the playing of games, to the using of others; I confess my sin… Creating harm, making lovers, breaking hearts and moving on; all for what but my sanity, the comfort of another warm body using flesh upon one another. I took what was hers… To compensate for what I lost… And this is the story.

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