Snape .VS. Harry


2. Turning the time

5:00 pm In the Gryffindor common room....

"Harry, come on, we have to go the library to get out that book" Hermione said

"Oh yeah, its for charms isn't it?" harry replied

"Yeah" Hermione answered "where is Ron"?

"Over there, with Fred" Harry said

"Ron, we have to go to the library" Hermione called

"Coming" Ron said, getting up.

They pushed the portrait of the fat lady open and walked off towards the library. Half the way there, they met the least person that they wanted to see. Snape.

"What do you three Gryffindors think you are doing"? snape said grimly

"we're going to the library" harry replied

"At this time?" Snape groaned

"Its 5 past 5" said hermione

"I dont think so" said snape

"look at the clock" Ron inquired

Snape muttered some sort of spell and pointed at the clock. the hands just moved around the clock at full speed, so it looked as if it was 11:00 pm. 

"Get to your dormitories now, Mr Potter, Mr Weasley, and Miss Granger" Snape said

"but..." harry began

"NOW" Snape demanded

the three of them set of in the opposite direction of their dormitories, and towards the library. But snape wasn't letting them fool him. 

"Get back here now" he shouted "Wrong way"

"Fine" Ron murmured

"30 points off Gryffindor EACH" Snape half shouted








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