Snape .VS. Harry


3. Library

back inside the common room...

"I'm not gonna let Snape ruin our lives"! said harry

"To right we're not" Ron replied

"Im so annoyed" Said hermione

"Yeah, because you're being deprived of precious books" Harry teased

"Shut up" Hermione said

"It's true though" said Ron 

"lets go to library a different way" Hermione said changing the subject quickly

"Lets go" said Ron

They walked across the common room confidently and pushed the portrait of the fat lady open. they walked along some winding corridors towards the library without even glimpsing a sight of Snape. Finally reaching the library, Hermione pushed open the door. Unfortunatley, they were greeted by a sight of snape in the restricted section. they hurrie dover to the other side of the library towards the book they needed.

"There it is" Harry said

"There is what", Asked Ron

"The book we need, silly" said hermione

harry grabbed the book and passed it to Ron, who passed it to hermione, who passed it back to harry. soon they were passing it round like they were little kids playing pass the parcel. 

"Well, well, well" Snape said walking towards them

"Ummm" muttered Ron and hermione

"Err" murmured Harry 

"What do you think you are doing here"? Snape continued

"we were just borrowing this book for charms" said Harry

"What is going on here" asked Dumbledore

Harry, Ron and hermione breathed a sigh of relief  at the sight of Dumbledore there.

"snape-" Ron said

"Professor Snape, Ron" Dumbledore said

"Professor Snape took 30 points off Gryffindor each from us for going to the library"! Ron half shouted.

" And he set the clock forward so it looked like it was midnight" Harry finished

"Professor Snape, is this true"? Asked Dumbledore

"No-" said Snape

"These students have no reason to lie" Dumbledore said "Snape, leave these three alone. Harry, Ron and Hermione, you may have your points back, and i shall award an extra 50 points to Gryffindor"

"Thank you professor" Said harry, Ron, and hermione happily.















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