The Un-Expected Love

This is a story about a country boy and city girl that think that they have nothing in common or that they could ever be friends untell....... read to find out


1. Moving

"Sydney Marie Xander wake up this instant!!" screamed mom. "I am and have been for the past hour!" I screamed back. "Oh sure you have Ms i have been up for an hour doing nothing!" screached mom.

"I have been up packing for this retarted move!"i yelled.

(mom runs upstairs and storms into my room)

"never ever yell at me like that"-mom

"whatever forever"-syd.

" young lady i dont want you to ever be sassy like that to me ever again or else"-mom

Sydneys POV

To be honest I am terrified of my mom, but for some reason I felt brave today. Me and my mom used to have the best relationship ever but ever since my dad died she became abusive and now All she ever does is tell me that I'm worthless and that I cause my father to die. she beats me all the time, but she is my mom and i cant run out on her.... at least, not yet

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