Lion's Courage

A young white girl is abandoned at the lion tribe... Years later when her tribe's village is under threat from the most deadly kind she will risk her life to save it meeting her true love along the way but all does not go to plan when he reveals who he really is. But she does find out what is really important: Friendship, Freedom and Courage! x


4. Rob and Me

It had been hours. I was just awaking. I was curled into Rob's chest his smell was so incising it smelt musty but clinical as well. His hair was golden like the sun and his eyes were like the deepest darkest oceans come to life. He was still sleeping so was Strong. They were both so beautiful how I could ever match the beauty of them.

Rob had skin like freshly laid snow, you know we don't get very much snow in Africa and like him it is beautiful and treasured. His lips were like the most golden peaches I had ever seen they glistened moist in the night. His slender body was tall and thin but strong like a leopard mighty inside and beautiful outside.

And Strong was also beautiful. His gorgeous white coat shimmered like the pearl white of the moon on all hallows eve. His eyes were golden hazel like the boiling earth in the hot desert when no one can find water. His body was so slender and curved just like a real predator.

But me I am short slump and not very nice to look at...

Rob's eyes looked into mine; we were so close I could smell his mint breath on my face. I looked at his lips longing to touch them with my own. We were millimetres apart now.

And then it happened...

His soft tender lips touched mine and a fire was benighted love was born fire flew round us in a love kind of way. The I remembered Prince.

I quickly pulled away rising to my feet Strong at my side. Rob looked up at my confused. "I am betrothed to someone else." His eyes lit with shame and sadness. "I am from the Simba tribe, I can lead you there." He took my hand and we walked towards the rising sun with love in our fire in our hearts and shame in our minds...

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