Lion's Courage

A young white girl is abandoned at the lion tribe... Years later when her tribe's village is under threat from the most deadly kind she will risk her life to save it meeting her true love along the way but all does not go to plan when he reveals who he really is. But she does find out what is really important: Friendship, Freedom and Courage! x


1. Intorduction

Elisa sits staring at the sky eyes wide open to the world and its wonders, her long sunshine hair glistening behind her, her skin paler than the moon shining like a ghost in the warm night air but her eyes, her eyes were amazing... Open to all that she sees they made the sun seem dull and the raging oceans not blue, her eyes sparkled in the moon like diamonds in the light. Next to her was a lion, a lion so beautiful that heaven was put to shame, his coat shone pearl white in moon, his eyes, like hers, full of passion and courage gazed at the stars as if the world was as still as their minds…

With a loud boom, a short stubby old man who looked like he was an over grown elf who had eaten all the pies shouted "Your father wants to see you Elisa and you Strong!" The golden haired girl did not move she simply continued to gaze at the stars as did her lion. "ELISA NOW!" boomed the overgrown elf again. Elisa rolled up looking tired, as she did so her lion plodded up too meeting her hand as she walked towards the man, she was like an angel her footsteps as light as a feather her hair was thrown back by the wind creating a golden cape behind her for a moment the elf stared at her like she was a goddess emerging from the heavens with a beautiful beast to protect her. Elisa spoke with such beauty it would make the birds in the heart of the jungle seem like monkeys at a zoo "Yes...?" she whispered as if they were being watched, Elisa frequently knew when something wasn’t right, as did Strong. Strong's ears twitched. Elisa tensed. Then silent... Nothing. The elf spoke again this time with a hush voice, still gruff as an elf would be "What is it?" Elisa peered closely at her lion he was very quiet and his body was tense. She could tell something was wrong…

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