Lion's Courage

A young white girl is abandoned at the lion tribe... Years later when her tribe's village is under threat from the most deadly kind she will risk her life to save it meeting her true love along the way but all does not go to plan when he reveals who he really is. But she does find out what is really important: Friendship, Freedom and Courage! x


3. Everything happened so quickly

The wind stopped. Everything was still. A whole tribe stared at the sunshine girl as she slowly walked to her father. They watched as her grace became slow and clumsy, as her eyes became dull and dark, as her pearl lion became a grey cloud on a cold day.


As Elisa reached the stage she was pulled up by her father the tall dark handsome man stood proudly as if he had just won the biggest prize in the tribe. Elisa stared blankly. "I... I... will." The man smiled. His voice was rough and strong like an old oak tree "I am Prince; you will be Elisa Prince in four weeks’ time. Goodnight." Then he left, he was like a panther a loping in the night. Elisa still stared blankly. Strong lay down at her feet as the crowd rejoiced around them. The world stood still and darkness took over a dull numbness took over. The light of freedom was gone.

Elisa awoke in the middle of the night. It was black. Strong was awake, he was growling near the door. Elisa put on her leather shoes, hardly any protection, and left the tent like a swan in the lake.

A large silver door was pushed open by a bleach blonde haired boy with a cold stare. "I've picked a place and since I own the company you will build this mega city there." He pointed to an orange dusty area on the map in what looked to be the middle of know where. "But, sir, that's where the Simba tribe lives?" The young man could only have been twenty years of age but his rage could have lasted for centuries. "What?" His voice quiet and deadly just likes a snake before it bites into its victim slowly sucking the life from the cold body. He spoke again this time calmer "I will go into the Simba pride pretend to be one of them making the tribe leader move the tribe then easy. OK?" Everyone in the room nodded silently in fear of this what seemed to be predator like young man. He left. The room sighed with relief and looked at each other in worry...

Elisa was sitting on a tall smooth rock over viewing the lake. She had walked for a while. Strong lay besides her gazing around the lake as if in a trance. The wind pushed Elisa's hair back creating a whirl of colours and flames behind her. Strong's pearl white coat was also pushed back by the wind making a main of snow around his fire lit eyes. They continued to gaze at the lake.

The predator like man moved clumsily up on top of the rock he was covered in soot and his clothes were that of a tribe like the Simba’s. He saw Elisa with her wild fire cape and her pale snow like skin and smiled until her saw Strong. He tried to scramble back down the rock but the noise of his boots alerted Strong and he was hauled up the rock by his neck.

Elisa stood over the man. Strong was at her side. He got up in shock. "Why are you here?" her voice was like a burst of butterflies flying from a shaken tree. He answered with a voice like birds in the jungle "Here to find the Simba tribe. I wish to join them." Elisa looked dull at the thought of her tribe. She turned and sat and the rock "7 miles that way." Her finger pointed towards a jungle and then a large flat land. He thought of going but something stopped him what was it? He sat down next to the girl and smiled. She smiled back.

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