Lion's Courage

A young white girl is abandoned at the lion tribe... Years later when her tribe's village is under threat from the most deadly kind she will risk her life to save it meeting her true love along the way but all does not go to plan when he reveals who he really is. But she does find out what is really important: Friendship, Freedom and Courage! x


5. Attack Proof

Rob, Strong and me entered the camp, I don't know how long we had been gone at least a day or two I could tell the fire had been done twice before our return but it was stone cold, normally it would have been warm. I didn't want to wake anyone but I didn't think they were here. I put my finger to my lips at Rob and he understood. I saw a bow on the ground... nobody would leave a bow without a quiver and frankly nobody would leave a bow and quiver...

I heard a mumble. Silence. I looked at Strong his beautiful hair glistening in the light, his ears twitched he was listening... as we all were. Then I saw it... a man or more of a shadow of a man sat up outside a wall. A grabbed the bow, at least it would give me some protection against what was coming... How wrong I was...

It was the priest... dead or dying... his wounds were deep... his last words "They took us. The cold men. They took us all." I looked at his dying face. The man who had taught and learn form me all those years ago... Now dead. I looked up at Rob, unknown to me my face was flooded with tears. Strong nuzzled my face as Rob held me but even his warm arms could not keep the cold from seeping in...

Buried. We had buried my priest a mile from the camp in an open space  with the birds above his head. I knew the lions would get him soon so I lit the body with the glass I had found causing the body to burn. To burn until there were not even ashes. Silence as we walked away.

Back at the camp me, Rob and Strong looked for who or what might have attacked... All we had found so far was a small piece of glass and the bow but the bow was from our tribe so it was know use. Nothing was any use... I was getting know where... if I hadn't have been so selfish none of this would have happened... Why had it happened... Who were they looking for... Were they looking for me...?

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