Living With One Direction

Morgan Hall a 18 year old moves in with her dad and... Well you'll just have to find out


35. Epilogue



Today Niall is getting out of the hospital, thank god. He broke his left arm and got a few stitches on his forehead but there out now. It worried me so much I thought I was going to lose him.


The kids have missed him so much, and there as happy as I am that he is coming home. Right now, Im driving to the hospital to go pick him up.


I pull up to the hospital and he's standing outside waiting for us. He climbs in the car and leans over to kiss me.


"How are you babe?" I asked him.


"Good, and you?" he asked.


"I'm good the kids really missed you," I said pointing to the backseat.


"I missed them too," he said.


"I love you Niall," I said.


"I love you too, Morgan," he said.


I started the drive back to the house, and we arrived a half hour later. We climbed out if the front and Niall grabbed Brooklyn from the back and I grabbed Leo, and Jacob. We walked through the door and set the kids in the living room and Niall turned on the t.v. and I went into the kitchen to make lunch. I was going to make some grilled cheese. I got out the bread and cheese and the butter and also got out a pan. I turned on the stove and started making the 5 grilled cheese's.


Once I finished I called Niall into the kitchen and he came in with Brooke, and he set her in her highchair and sat down next to her. I went and got the boys and set them in there highchairs and sat down next to Leo. We all ate are lunch and Jacci and Harry asked if they could come over and of course we said that they could.


Ten minutes later they got here with little Stephen, and Harry and Niall were talking in the kitchen and Niall had Brooklyn with him.


"So, how is Stephen?" I asked.


"He's doing good he is four months old already," she said.


"It doesn't seem like it was that long ago," I said and looked at him with my boys.


"I know they grow up to fast," she said.


"I know, it seems like just yesterday my babies were born," I laughed.


"Yeah, it does. Do you and Niall think you want any more kids?" she asked.


"Actually, we were talking about it and maybe once the triplets are a little older," I said," what about you and Harry?"


"We are definitely having another," she smiled.


"That's great," I said.




"It would be awesome to have a little girl," Harry said.


"Yeah, it is she's amazing, you would love it," I said.


"I know I would seeing you with Brooke just makes me want to have a little girl too," he said.


"You're a great father Harry, I know you'll be great it you have a little girl too," I said.





This is the last chapter of
Living with One Direction
There will be a sequel and I think i have the name and i will post about it tomorrow or later today


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