Living With One Direction

Morgan Hall a 18 year old moves in with her dad and... Well you'll just have to find out


7. Chapter 7

Morgan and I had just made it to the food court in time seeing that the phone case took a little longer than expected then did I realize how hungry I was.


"I'm starving," I groaned out in frustration.


"Ugh, me too," Morgan whined.


"Let's get Nando's," we said in unison. We looked at each other again and laughed.


"Fine, whatever you two lovebirds want," Liam smirked. I looked over at Morgan and she was looking at the ground blushing. I admit she was really pretty and her laugh was adorable and she's really funny. Wait, am I falling for my bosses daughter.




Niall and I finally got the boys to take us to Nando's. God this place was amazing, we got there and got sat at the same table and order the same stuff. I sat next to Niall this time we chatted about soccer because we both loved the sport. Are food arrived and we all dug into it, "Jesus this is amazing," I said.


"I know I can't believe they don't have Nando's in America," Niall said. After we had finished we headed home and into the lounge to watch a movie. We decided on watching Toy Story. Towards the middle if the movie all the boys had fallen asleep except for Niall who was on his phone.


"Whatcha doing?" I asked him.


"Just on twitter," he said.


"Oh," was all I said. After our little conversation I started to drift off to sleep. And I fell asleep in Niall's arms dreaming peacefully about us.




I woke up to someone stirring under me. Wait why is there someone under me? I jumped up and saw that it was just Niall and he was just starting to wake up.


"Good morning babe," he said to me.


"Morning Nialler," I said back to him. He got up and started towards the kitchen, god is that all he thinks about. I followed after him and he had already made himself a bowl of cereal.


"Jeez you must be really hungry," I asked him.


"Yeah, when aren't I hungry," he said like it was obvious, which it was. I agreed with him and got cereal for myself and the other boys started pilling into the kitchen.


"Morning," they said in unison.


"Morning," Niall and I said back.


"So what's on the agenda today?" I asked Liam.


"Well we have an interview this morning and we have to leave in about a hour to be there on time so I suggest that you boys go get ready," Liam stated. All the boys groaned and trudged up the stairs.


"Do you want to come," Liam asked.


"Nah, I'll say here for the day," I told him. He said ok and went upstairs to get ready for the day. About a 45 minutes later they all come downstairs and announce that they are leaving.


"Bye guys," I called which I got a wave in return from all of them.

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