Living With One Direction

Morgan Hall a 18 year old moves in with her dad and... Well you'll just have to find out


6. Chapter 6

A few hours went by and dad had left to catch his flight.


"Soooooooooo," I stretched out the 'o'. "Now what?" I asked.


"Let's go shopping," Louis shouted.


"Yeah," the boys shouted.


"Nooo, i hate shopping," I whined.


"To bad you are coming," Louis sassed.


"Ok." We made are way out to the car and headed toward the mall. When we got there I couldn't believe how big this mall was.


"Wow," I gapped.


"Yeah, where do you want to go first," Niall asked. I looked and saw that the other guys had already left.


"Ummm," I looked around, "Let's go to Jack Wills," I suggested. He said ok and we started off towards the store, I stepped in the store and looked around immediately I walked over to the hoodies. I found this green hoodie that was perfect and Niall was on the other side of the rack looking at the same one.


"Let's get these," we said in unison. We looked at each other and burst out into fits of laughter.


"We are so getting these," Niall said as he took mine and went to pay. By the time i got up to the register Niall had already payed and was waiting for me.


"Let's go to the apple store I want to get a new iPhone case," I said as I looked up at Niall.


"Sure," he said. We walked into the store and we walked to the iPhone 4s cases. Niall kept holding some up and saying that I should get these girly cases.


"Do you even know me?" I asked him.


"Well yeah I just thought that you should get something different," he said unsure of himself.


"Niall i'm just gonna get either a basketball, soccer (futball), or maybe a custom one with a picture of me," I told him.


"What one do you think?" I asked.


"How 'bout you get the custom one and it can be a picture of you and me," he blushed.


"That's perfect," I smiled at him. I took out my phone and took a quick picture of Niall and I. I walked up to the guy at the counter and asked him if I could get this on a personalized case and he told me yes.

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