Living With One Direction

Morgan Hall a 18 year old moves in with her dad and... Well you'll just have to find out


4. Chapter 4

We all walked through the door and we were seated quickly towards the back so no one would recognize the boys. The waiter came and took our drink orders and came back to take our meal orders.


"I don't know what to get," I said.


"I'll order for you," Niall said.

"Thank you, Niall," I replied. The boys started up there own little conversations while I sat back and looked at Niall. Damn i thought he is really cute, and he is very nice and we both have a great love for food. I didn't realize I was staring until Liam waved his hand in front of my face.


"What," I asked confused.


"I was just saying how batman was better than superman and I wanted your opinion," Liam said.


"Liam hate to break it to yah but superman is way better that batman didn't mean to burst your bubble," I said calmly. After I had said that Liam and I got into a really heated argument about which superhero was best. Our food arrived just when Liam was about to say something to put my fact to shame when the waiter came with our food. We all dug in and my mouth was watering it was so delicious no wonder Niall said i was a poor deprived child this stuff is amazing. After everyone finished there food we headed home.

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