Living With One Direction

Morgan Hall a 18 year old moves in with her dad and... Well you'll just have to find out


34. Chapter 33



Today is the triplets birthday, the grow up so fast. We are having everyone over today, and they will be here any minute. Niall and I made a small individual cake for each of them and it was a pain, because Niall started throwing the cake batter at me. But we finished it along with a bigger cake for everyone else in the family. Niall's mum Maura came in yesterday to help with today, and my mum isn't coming.


Soon everyone started arriving with there little families. Jacci had there little boy in April. April 22nd Stephen Larkin Styles, he looks just like Harry. When Louis and Eleanor got here with there kids Louis put the boys down and they ran into the living room where my kids are with Niall and Maura. Eleanor walked in the kitchen and helped me set up the food on the cupboards and the plates and cups and silverware on the island. Jacci and Harry arrived the same time Liam and Sophia arrived. Greg, Denise, Theo and Niall's dad Bobby all came together. Zayn and Perrie walked through the door just moments after the Horan's got here.


Once everyone was here I called out to the living room and told them the food was ready Niall came in first and got himself a plate and a plate for Brooke with macaroni and cheese on it. He cut it up into smaller pieces and set it at the table along with his stuff and got Brooke and set her in her high chair. I did the same thing for the boys and sat them in there chairs and got back in line to get food for myself.


Once everyone finished eating we got out the cakes and sang happy birthday to my babies. It was awesome watching them blow out the candles and stick there hands in the cake and put it on there faces. Its funny how much time flies it seems like just yesterday I was carrying them out of the hospital. We all had some cake with a lot left over but we know Niall will eat that soon.


Everyone moved to the living room and gave Leo, Jacob, and Brooke the presents they had gotten for them. It was a lot of toys and clothes for them, they weren't at all interested in the clothes just the toys, and when they each got this one toy from Eleanor they all stood up and walked over to Niall and I and showed us the toy. It was one of the best moments ever.


Soon everyone left, and Niall and I were alone with our kids. Niall and I were on the couch and the kids were playing with there new toys. It was almost 9 o'clock and all of us were watching Toy Story. Liam had gotten them into the movies already.


Once the movie ended the kids were asleep and so was Niall. I grabbed one kid at a time and took them upstairs and put them to bed. I went back downstairs and shook Niall awake so he could come to bed.



Today we had to go into the studio to record some more songs. I was driving along the highway and the two cars in front of my crashed and before I could stop they crashed into me. That was the last thing I saw before everything went black.



We've been waiting for Niall to get to the studio for the last hour so Harry and Liam went out to go look for him.



We are driving along the highway and we're moving quite slow because there has been and accident up ahead. We got to the where the accident happened and I looked out my window and saw Niall's car was in the wreckage.


"Harry, look," I said as I pointed towards the crash.


"Wh- Shit," he said.


"I'll call Zayn and Louis and tell them to come to the hospital. I called them and they said that they were on there way, jeez I hope Niall is ok.


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