Living With One Direction

Morgan Hall a 18 year old moves in with her dad and... Well you'll just have to find out


33. Chapter 32



Today is Morgan and I's 1 year anniversary. Jacci and Harry are taking the kids today, so we can do what I have planned. The first thing is breakfast in bed for Morgan, all I need to do is put the food on the tray. I walk up the stairs and into our room where Morgan is asleep. I set the tray on the nightstand and kiss her on the lips making her eyes flutter open.


"Good morning babe, happy anniversary," I said her.


"Good morning, happy anniversary to you too," she said.


I gave her the tray of food and we sat down together and ate the delicious food. After we finished breakfast Morgan took a shower while I got dressed for our outing. It's not going to be really special until tonight at dinner. We are going to go to a carnival, then have lunch and then Im sending her home so she can get ready for dinner. She came out of the bathroom and I told her to dress in her normal attire for now. We got in the car and started the 30 minute drive. I turned on the radio and Story of My Life came through the speakers and Morgan started singing along to the lyrics and I decided to join her. 10 songs later, 2 random laughing fits and we got to the carnival. First we went on the ferris wheel it was an amazing view. Then we did bumper cars and some roller coasters. I played some games and won a teddy bear for Morgan, and we got elephant ears and cotton candy. Around 5 we left and I took her home so she could get dressed for dinner, while I went down to the place we were having the dinner and started to set it up. I had help from 3 out of 4 boys because Harry was helping Jacci with our kids. I got there help because it doesn't take Morgan that long to get ready because she doesn't wear make-up and she doesn't take forever to do her hair.


Once we finished getting it ready I quickly changed at Louis house across the street from us and went to our house to get Morgan. When I walked in the door she was just walking down the stairs in jeans and a nice American Eagle shirt. I was wearing my jeans with my blue button up shirt. I took her hand in mine and we left down to her favorite restaurant where I had reserved it just for us. When we got there she was the happiest person on this planet. We got to the table and sat down, the food was already there so we dug into the delicious food. We talked for a little while and this question came up.


"Niall, do you want any more kids?" Morgan asked.


"Honestly, I want one more kid," I told her.


"Well, do you want to try for another kid?" she asked shyly.


"Maybe, when the triplets are older," I told her.


"I was thinking that too," she said.


We talked a little bit more about are wonderful kids and we left the restaurant and headed home. We got home and I realized that I really do want another kid, but do I want to try now or later. Because now the baby will be born about a month after the triplets and the triplets aren't even one yet. Maybe later we can try again.



Authors note

If you haven't had an elephant ear u haven't lived.
Tomorrow is Louis birthday and Christmas Eve. and on Christmas i wont be able to update at all because i will be going to my grandmas house, then my great grandmas house, and tomorrow i wont be able to update either because I'm going to my grandma and grandpas house so maybe after Christmas




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