Living With One Direction

Morgan Hall a 18 year old moves in with her dad and... Well you'll just have to find out


32. Chapter 31



We just got off of the airplane and we are waiting for Morgan's mum to get off of her plane and come by the little Starbucks that they have here. About a half hour later Morgan's mum finally showed up and we headed to our house. When we got to the house Morgan showed her mom to her room and I got the triplets inside. Let's just say its a bit difficult to carry three carseats when you only have two hands. I got them all inside and Morgan and her mum and I all started talking about our kids and how her mum wished she could have been here for the last four months and all. Later on, that night I was making dinner and Morgan was up in the babies room changing them, and I could hear her mum in the living room watching t.v.




Today my mum was going home and we would be back on our normal everyday routine that we have. We dropped my mum off at the airport this morning and we now have all the band members and there girlfriends here. When Liam walked through the door I didn't think he would have someone with him, he walked in and introduced Sophia to all of us. We all sat and watched today's soccer match on the t.v. and Louis was playing for a one of the teams today, for a charity thing so Lucas and Lyle are here until they get back. I looked up at the t.v. and Louis was on the ground in pain grabbing his knee, I don't know what happened because I turned to Lyle because he was fussing and missed what had happened. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket it was Eleanor.


~im going to take Lou to the hospital to get him an x ray and all that other stuff is it ok if we arent back soon if the boys stay at ur house?


~yea thats fine if they stay i love them, tell Lou i said get better


~i will


It was around midnight now and El and Louis were still at the hospital, and everybody had left. So Lucas and Lyle are in the guest bedroom sleeping and Leo, Jacob, and Brooklyn are in there room sleeping, Niall and I are up if Eleanor calls us to give us any information on Louis. I get a call from El and see what she has to say. She says that it was nothing major but he has to stay off of it for a couple of days and she asked if the boys could just stay here and she can get them in the morning, and I told her that it was fine so Niall and I headed to bed.





Eleanor and I are going over to Niall and Morgan's house to get Lucas and Lyle. We get there and they are sitting at the table eating breakfast. Once they finish they give us our boys and tell them thank you for watching them, and we leave to go home.




Once Louis and Eleanor got there kids we headed off to one of Morgan's friends house, just to hang out and so that he can see the kids and they can ketch up. When we got there he opened they door and I soon recognized who it was, it was Leo the famous NBA player. Morgan had told me about him and her brother being best friends and always dreaming about going pro together, but that never happened for Jordan her brother. So Leo at the funeral swore that he would make it to the NBA for Jordan and play every game for him.




We got over to Leo's house and we greeted each other and he let us into his home.


"Nice house, Leo," I said as I stepped inside his house.


"Thanks, I would say the same to you but I've never been there before," he said.


"Sorry, we've been busy with the kids and all that other stuff," I joked.


We talked and he got to know the kids and he loves them, but he definitely has a soft spot for baby Leo. He said that he was going to teach him everything about basketball, and makes sure that he goes pro just like Jordan would have. When Leo started talking about Jordan and how good he was I got a little teary eyed just thinking about him because Leo plays basketball for Jordan and so did I when I played in high school.

It got late and Niall and I took the kids home after saying good bye and thanks for having us. Once we got home we put the kids to bed and we went to our room and fell asleep.


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