Living With One Direction

Morgan Hall a 18 year old moves in with her dad and... Well you'll just have to find out


30. Chapter 30



The triplets are 4 months old, Jacci is 5 1/2 months pregnant, and Lucas and Lyle are 1 year old, also Niall is now 21 and so am I. Christmas is tomorrow, so that means Louis birthday is tomorrow. We are celebrating it this afternoon. We are leaving to his house in a few minutes. Niall and I got the kids ready and put them in the carseats with blankets because it is December now. We get in the car and drive over to Louis and Eleanor's house. We get there and we are just waiting for Liam to get here. In the mean time we all talk about random things. Once Liam gets here we eat lunch and just talk in general. Soon we each gave Louis his presents, and he loved all of them. We all headed home around 9 and got ready for bed. I walked into the babies room with Leo and Jacob, Niall came in behind me with Brooke and changed there diapers and fed them a bottle and changed them into there little Christmas pajamas. I put a blanket over each of my boys while Niall did the same with little Brooke. We headed over to our room and changed into our pajamas and fell asleep in each others arms.




I just woke up to the sound of one of the babies crying, I got up and walked over to there room. I got in there room and Brooke was awake and crying, because she needed her diaper changed. After I did that, the boys woke up and I did the same with them. Niall came into the room to tell me breakfast was ready. I grabbed my boys and took them downstairs and Niall grabbed Brooke from her crib and brought her downstairs. We sat them in there highchairs and ate breakfast. After we ate breakfast we fed Leo, Jacob, and Brooke there bottles. Once we finished feeding them, I grabbed the boys and Niall grabbed his little girl and we walked into the living room and we opened the gifts we got for each other. I got Niall a new watch and some black Nikes. Niall got me a new hoodie with our names and the wedding date plus our kids names and the day they were born on the back and on the front a picture of all of us, he also got me some ray bans. The best part of this morning was watching the kids when we gave them the toys we had gotten them, they were in love. Later today everyone is coming over to our house and tonight everyone is visiting there relatives, so Niall the kids and I are going over to Ireland tonight, and in a couple of days my mom is actual coming to see us. By the time we were done with the presents Niall threw all of the wrapping paper away and started making lunch for when everyone else arrived while I went upstairs and changed the kids into there Christmas outfits. By the time I finished the kids there was a knock on the door, and I told the person to come in.


"Hey Morgan," Perrie said,"need any help?"


"Oh hey Perrie, sure do you want to help carry one of the kids downstairs?" I asked.


"Of course," she smiled and took Jacob and I took Leo and Brooke downstairs too. I got down there and everyone was here watching the telli and talking. Harry walked up to me and took Brooke away from me, and Zayn did the same with Leo, so now I'm baby less. I walked over to the ladies and we all started talking about our kids and kids to come, except Perrie, unless she's hiding something.




Niall and I just got here at Maura's house and Greg Denise and baby Theo are waiting for us so we could eat and open presents. Theo isn't all that much older than the triplets so I hope they will be best friends.




Eleanor the kids and I arrived at my mum's house and tomorrow we will be going to her mum's house. We got settled in and I hugged Lottie, Fizzy, Phoebe, and Daisy, and so did El. Soon we ate dinner and we all headed up to our rooms and went to bed.




We just got to my mum's and we are waiting for Gemma to get here so we can start dinner. I just heard the front door open so that means Gemma is here and we can start eating and I am starving. We ate and talked about Jacci and I's wedding next year after our little boy is born. Yup it's a boy, we found out last month, and I'm not aloud to tell anyone his name until after he is born. We headed to our rooms and we fell asleep.




I got to my mum and dad's house Ruth was here but we are just waiting on Nicola. Once Nicola finally gets here we all sit down to dinner and it is great, we open the little gifts that we got for each other and Ruth and Nicola went to there houses and I went up to my old room and fell asleep.




We got to my mum's house and my sisters were already there, they were just waiting on us to start dinner. Perrie and I sat down at the table and we ate dinner with everyone else. Perrie wanted to tell my parents and her parents that we are expecting. We already told her parents and they were so happy, now time to tell my parents. After we told them they were ecstatic. Once they told us congrats we opened our gifts and headed to bed.




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