Living With One Direction

Morgan Hall a 18 year old moves in with her dad and... Well you'll just have to find out


29. Chapter 29




I just woke up and its around midnight and the babies are kicking away and they are probably going to come soon. All of a sudden there was a shooting pain through my stomach, I turned and shook Niall awake.


"What's wrong babe?" Niall asked in a panicky voice.


"I think its time to have these babies," I said.

I told Niall to get the baby bag and my bag that I had ready because I know triplets most likely don't make it to full term. I waited for Niall to come back upstairs to help me in the car. Niall ran back into the house to grab his phone and my phone.

When we got there Niall got a nurse to come and help and I was immediately taken to the labor part of the hospital. I have been here for 3 hours now and I've been hooked up to a machine monitoring the contractions.(going to skip all of the birthing process I'm 13 and we haven't gone over anything in health class about this so yea, after this the babies will be born).


At 1:36am on August 2nd Leo James Horan was born, at 1:40am on August 2nd Jacob Matthew Horan was born, and at 1:46am on August 2nd Brooklyn Anne Horan was born. Leo is 19in and 6 lb and 3oz, Jacob is 18in and 6 lb, Brooke is 16in and 5 lb and 14oz.


Not to long after they were born they were taken to the NICU and they would stay there for a few days to gain weight and other essentials. Niall had texted everyone telling them that the babies arrived. Soon everyone showed up, and the babies were in my room so everyone could see them. Niall was holding Brooke and he was absolutely loving this little girl, his smiled widened when she opened her eyes and they were just like mine. Brown on the inside with green around the brown and a grey ring around the eye. I was holding Leo and Jacob and they looked exactly like Niall with his natural hair, they looked identical to this is going to be difficult. Once Eleanor got in the room she automatically took Brooke from Niall, "What's her name," she asked.


"Brooklyn Anne, Brooke for short," I said to her.


"And these littles guys names," she asked.


"On my right is Jacob Matthew, and on my left is Leo James," I said.


"Perfect," she whispered to her self but I could still hear her.

Soon later everyone left and it was time for the babies to go to the NICU and go to sleep. About 10 minutes after the nurses took them to the NICU I fell asleep on the hospital bed.




Morgan, Josie, Izzy, Montana and Allie all came and saw the babies, the absolutely love them. Jacci and El also came and we talked Perrie couldn't come because of something with Little Mix. Everyone soon left and it was Niall and the babies with me now. A nurse came in and told us we could leave tonight or tomorrow morning. I was super excited that we can go home, and I can sleep in my actual bed.




"Hello, Mrs. Horan, you and your family may leave tonight," said a nurse.


"Thank you for telling me that," I told her and I texted Niall who was down at the cafeteria getting food to go to the car and get the carseats because we can leave.

Niall came up with the carseats in hand and sat them down on the floor, he offered to dress Brooklyn while I dressed the boys. Once I dressed Leo and put him in the carseat I moved on to Jacob and did the same to him. Niall came over and grabbed Jacob's carseats and also carried Brooke's while I carried Leo's down to the car and back home.





You know what really annoys me is that my last basketball game is on Wednesday and Im not ready for it to be over it makes me sad but there is always next year to play and all summer too


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