Living With One Direction

Morgan Hall a 18 year old moves in with her dad and... Well you'll just have to find out


28. Chapter 28



Perrie and Zayn's wedding day is getting close we have the brides maids dresses and everything set up now we just have to wait for the day. Yesterday Eleanor, Jacci, Perrie, Morgan, Izzy and Josie, all decided to throw me a surprise baby shower. I got a lot of bibs and diapers and bottles and blankets, the essentials along with the clothes that the girls had to get for them. Today Jacci is over helping me put all the clothes away and washing and disinfecting all the bottles and washing the blankets and bibs. After we finished putting everything away Jacci left and I was alone until Niall came home from the recording studio.




"How was your day babe," I asked Niall.


"It was good, we are almost finished with the while album just a couple more weeks and it will be done," he said.


"That's great I can't wait to hear it," I said. Just then my phone vibrated from inside my pocket:



~hey do u guys want to come over jacci and i have to tell u guys something



~sure harold we will b there soon



~ok. And what did i say about u calling me Harold



~not to but i like to and u should allow it im ur best friend 😜😜



~ok 😔😔


Niall and I left to go over to there house, I wonder what they have to tell us. We got there and everyone else was already there waiting for us to arrive.


"Ok, so we wanted to tell you guys something important," Harry said.


"Well what is it?" Louis yelled.


"I'm pregnant," Jacci said, "and we are engaged."


"What, oh my lord jesus," I said.


"Yes," she said.


"You better have a girl because, I don't want my baby girl to be the only one," I said. I pulled Jacci to the side once everyone said congrats and stuff, "So how far along are you?" I asked


"2 months," she said.


"Oh my god," I said, "it is only one baby right?"


"Yes there is uno people in my stomach," she said.


I said ok and everyone hang out for a while longer and soon everyone went home. When Niall and I got home I went up to the bedroom and change into basketball shorts and one of Niall's shirts. Niall came to bed and I fell asleep in his arms.


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