Living With One Direction

Morgan Hall a 18 year old moves in with her dad and... Well you'll just have to find out


22. Chapter 22



We have just landed in Hawaii, and I was always telling Niall how I wanted to come here. We just got to where we are staying, we are staying on a island where the houses are very secluded, and that's just what we wanted. It was nearly midnight so we walked into the house and up to the bedroom and crawled into bed.




The next morning I woke up in Niall's arms, I love the feeling of waking up in his arms it's great. I looked up at his face to see him still sound asleep. I kiss his cheek and got out of his grip and went downstairs to make breakfast. I was in the middle of finishing the bacon, an the grease hit me in the arm, "Son of a bitch," I cursed.


"Are you ok babe?" Niall asked as he rushed down the stairs.


"Yeah, just got hit by some flying bacon grease," I laughed.


"That's good. And you said bacon?" he asked. God he sure does love his bacon.


"Yes babe, I did," I said to him as he went over to the pan and finished cooking the bacon for me. We sat down with our eggs, toast, and bacon for breakfast, and ate in silence.


"Babe, have you ever thought about having kids?" Niall asked.


"Actually, I do, all the time really, because seeing El with her boys makes me want to have kids even more," I answered.


"How many kids do you want?" he asked once again.


"Two maybe three," I said.


"When do you want to start trying for them?" he asked.


"How about tonight," I giggled.


"It's a date," he smirked.


"Do you wanna go swimming?" I asked.


"Yes," he said as he raced up the stairs.


"Well he sure is full of energy," I said mostly to myself.

We started our day in the pool, and slowly made our way to the ocean. I was laying on one of the beach towels tanning with Niall right next to me eating some chips that he just had to go and get, but I understand I'm getting kinda hungry myself.


"Niall can I have some chips?" I asked.


"Sure, open your mouth," he told me, I did as I was told and he fed me some chips.


We spent the rest of the day in the ocean and in the pool or on the deck or the beach. We made sandcastles on the beach and we took a long walk along the shore. It was the almost perfect day. Tonight will make it the perfect day though, I can't wait, I've been anxious all day waiting for tonight, just the thought of having a little baby Niall in my stomach is the best thing ever. Soon Niall came downstairs and threw me over his shoulder and took me upstairs, tonight some baby making will happen. (I'm not going into those details cuz yea im still 13 people)


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