Living With One Direction

Morgan Hall a 18 year old moves in with her dad and... Well you'll just have to find out


21. Chapter 21



Today is the day I get to marry the girl of my dreams. My best man is Harry, and the others are the grooms men. I'm very nervous I wonder if Morgan is as nervous as I am, maybe i I text her it will calm me down a little.



~hey babe how r things going in there



~everything is good i cant wait to c u



~i cant wait to c i either just 10 more minutes :)



~yea 10 more minutes an then u will become Mrs. Niall Horan



~i love u, the boys say i have to go :(



~Thats ok love u 2


10 minutes has passed and I am now walking down the isle. I got up to the alter, turned and waited for everyone else to come down the isle. First, was Harry and Jacci, second was Louis and Eleanor, third was Zayn and Perrie, and fourth was Liam and Izzy. Then Lux our flower girl came down the isle with Lucas and Lyle in a wagon being pulled by her. Then the music started and everyone stood, there was Morgan walking down the isle with her mom. She looked at me and our eyes locked. When she was handed over to me I took her hands and it took everything in me not to lean in and kiss her. We had said our vows and now the pastor is officially marrying us.


"Do you Morgan Nicole Hall take this man Niall James Horan to be your lawful wedded husband?" he said.


"I do," she said as she slipped the ring on my finger.


"And do you Niall James Horan take this woman Morgan Nicole Hall to be your lawful wedded wife?" he said.


"I do," I said as I slid the ring on her finger.


"You may now kiss the bride," he announced.


I leaned in and kissed her, I could hear the snaps of pictures being taken. I pulled back and whispered into her ear, "I love you."


"I love you too," she giggled. I carried her out of the church and into the limo awaiting us to take us and the bridal party, to the reception. Everyone else was pilling into the limo and telling us 'congratulations'. I looked over to my beautiful wife and smiled, I love her so much, she has no idea how much I love her. We soon arrived at the reception, and the bridal party made there way into the building. I grabbed Morgan's hand and we happily walked into the building together. We walked over to the table where we will be sitting and stood there because everyone was coming to talk to us and telling us congratulations. When my parents walked over to us mum had tears in her eyes, she came and hugged me saying how her baby was all grown up. Greg and Denise came over and congratulated us as well. Then we were able to start getting our food, I walked back over to the table with Morgan next to me and we ate with everyone joking around. After the meal it was the maid of honor and best man to make there speeches. Jacci started with hers.


"I have known Morgan since we were in preschool, and trust me we were they same amount of crazy we are today. I remember in eighth grade when we would always joke about marrying Channing Tatum or someone famous. And when the boy band One Direction started she called dibs on Niall. And I also remember her hanging posters of him on her walls saying that one day she was going to marry him, and well look where that got her," she said looking at Morgan. Next was Harry's.


"Niall has been the best friend you could ever have, when we started in the X-factor. He would always make jokes and goof off, but when we were on that stage he would be one of the most serious person I knew knowing that we could get eliminated. Niall is always constantly eating, laughing, and just being crazy, these guys re meant for each other and no one else," he said.


Before I knew it, it was time for the first dance and I enjoyed ever bit of it. Then came the father daughter dance, that she dances with her mom. I could see that she was sad that her dad couldn't be there with her in this moment. Soon the wedding came to an end and we were on our way to the honeymoon in Hawaii.


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