Living With One Direction

Morgan Hall a 18 year old moves in with her dad and... Well you'll just have to find out


20. Chapter 20

Last week Niall's mum came here to spend some time with us, she really is a great woman.




Today is Christmas and Niall and I are having are first Christmas together. We are first celebrating it at our own houses, then we are all meeting up at Louis' place. I woke up and walked downstairs, and Niall was in the kitchen making breakfast.


"Good morning, and Merry Christmas," I said to him as I hugged him from behind.


"Good morning and a Merry Christmas to you too babe," he said as he turned around and kissed me. We ate our breakfast occasionally talking about the wedding, we picked a date already but we aren't telling El until tonight. Once we finished our breakfast we went out to the lounge and by the tree, i went and got my present from Niall and my mom, and Niall got his present from me and his parents and brother. I forced Niall to open what I had got him first. He opened it and his mouth dropped open, "This is awesome," he said as he looked down at the new pair of Nikes and his favorite cologne. "Thanks babe this is awesome, I love you," he smiled at me.


"You're welcome, babe," I said.


"Open mine now," he whined.


"Ok," I said mimicking him. I opened it and my mouth dropped to the floor, there is a heart shaped necklace with the day we started dating on the back and on the front it said, 'I love you, love Niall' and the other thing was a bracelet with my dad's birth date and his death date, "November 20th 1971- February 15th 2013", and there was another bracelet with my late brother's birth date and death date, "January 30th 1994- November 20th 2010."


"This is possibly the best thing you could have gotten me Niall," I said as I looked to him with tears in my eyes.


"Please don't cry, baby," he said as he came and hugged me. But I couldn't help it I burst into tears at the thought of my brother, I only told Niall about my brother, Jordan, and how he died. He died from a horrible car crash. We were very close and I miss him so much I just wish he could still be here. Once I had stopped crying we finished opening the presents. I had Niall help me put on the jewelry.


*5:00 PM*


We are walking over to Louis and Eleanor's because it is right next door, when we knocked El opened the door with the boys in her arms and they were both crying.


"Here let me help, El," I said as I grabbed Lyle. I walked in and sat down on there couch and started to rock him, not to much later and he was looking strait at me with those big blue eyes.


"Your such a life saver, Morgan," El said as she sat next to me with Lucas.


"You know if you ever need help you can always call, I'm just a doorstep away," I said.


"I know, you've told me this before," she said. Soon everybody else was showing up. All the guys were talking about the band and there new album, while the girls were gossiping and gushing over the baby's.


"Hey El, can I talk to you real fast?" I asked.


"Yeah sure," she said standing up and handing Lucas to Perrie and I handed Lyle to Jacci.


"We picked a date for the wedding," I said.


"Really what is it?" she asked really excited.


"It's January 30th," I said.


"Wow, that's really soon but I'll just have to be a crazy lady about this she giggled.


"Yeah it is, but it's a really important date to me and I want to make it even more special," I told her.


"What's so important on that day?" she questioned.


"It's my late brother's birthday he would of been 20," I said.


"Really," she said with wide eyes.


"Yeah the only other person I told was Niall," I said.


"That's ok, it's just I thought you were an only child," she said.


"Yeah, a lot of people think I'm an only child, only the people that met him know I'm not," I explained.


"Oh," was all she had to say.

We headed back to the lounge and we all gathered around the tree and opened the presents (I'm not going into detail im really tired so yea). After that everybody went there separate ways, and headed in for this very special Christmas.


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