Living With One Direction

Morgan Hall a 18 year old moves in with her dad and... Well you'll just have to find out


19. Chapter 19



Last week was my 20th birthday and Niall proposed and of course I said yes. I love him so much. I can't wait for the wedding, El has already gone all out waiting for us to pick a date for it. But at the moment I'm at Jacci's and we are talking about how Harry asked her to move in with him, and she said she was going to think about it. I told her that it's 100% ok if she moves in with Harry. She says she knows but I don't know if she wants to move in just yet. I think she should.




I really do love Harry but, I don't know if I want to move in with him yet. I'm leaning towards doing it, so I will probably move in with him this weekend.




I'm over at Niall and Morgan's place because I need Morgan to watch the boys. I'm going in for a big return photo shoot and the guys are recording a new song today and Perrie has something with Little Mix.




I get to watch El's boys today I love them so much as if they were my kids. They are just so adorable, and it's good I can tell them apart now, Lucas has brighter eyes than Lyle and Lyle has a dimple, and Lucas doesn't have a dimple. El just dropped them off and Niall is leaving any minute to go and record there song. Lyle was in my arms and Lucas was in one of the portable cribs that El has.


"Bye babe," Niall said as he walked up behind me and gave me a kiss.


"Bye Niall," I said after we broke apart.




Lucas and Lyle are asleep and El should be here in a hour to come and get them and Niall should be here any minute, I think the reason Louis isn't picking them up is that he was heading strait to Doncaster to see his mum.


"Hey babe," I said as Niall walked through the door.


"Hey baby," he said back as he took a seat next to me on the couch, "How was your day?"


"My day was great! I got to spend it with these two, how was your day?" I asked him.


"Well we finished the song and next week we are going back to do another song," he smiled.


"That's great," I smiled back to him showing off my dimple.




El just came and picked up the boys and now Niall and I are sitting on the couch watching Paranormal Activity, I told him we should have a marathon of all 4 of them. He laughed but said that we could. Also his mum is coming over to our house from Ireland to spend some time with us.







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