Living With One Direction

Morgan Hall a 18 year old moves in with her dad and... Well you'll just have to find out


16. Chapter 16




{Jacci's POV}



Hey u wanna come over?



Yeah sure ill be there in ten



Kk I have a pleasant surprise for you



Ooooo ok ttyl

I pull into her drive way and get out of my car. I ring the door bell and Harry opens it.


"Uhm hi there love, Morgan is up stairs. Come in." He says sweetly


"Thanks." I say kindly


"Here I'll take your coat for you, this fall weather gets a bit nippy eh." he says with his heavy British accent.


"Yeah I like summer way better." i say blushing as he looks at me awaiting a response.


He shows his dimples when he smiles, "me too."


I pinch his cheek softly, "oh look at you mister dimples." I say


He blushes, "ok Morgan's just right up those stairs, see ya later love." he says as he winks.


"Ok," I say plainly

I knock on Morgan's door and she opens it with a smile on her face.


"So I couldn't help overhear you and Harry flirting it up down there." she says.


"Oh that we weren't flirting," I say getting red in the cheeks, I always liked Harry the most.


"Yeah sure." Morgan says as we both sit on her bed.


"Yes, so what is my 'pleasant surprise'?" I ask her


"Ok so I know you just got out of a relation ship and all, and that you don't want one. But yesterday Harry asked about you." Morgan says.


"What about me?" I ask, wanting to know more.


"He wanted to know if you were single.." Morgan said with excitement in her voice.


My eyes light up, "really?" I ask surprised.


"Yeah, and guess what," Morgan replies


"What?" I ask


"Niall asked me to be his girl friend, and I said..." she left her sentence there.


"You said WHAT?" I say a little too loud.


"I said yes," she says with total excitement.


"That's great" I say back.

I look at my phone it read 7:49. I quickly grabbed a piece of paper from my pocket and found a pen then wrote my number on it.


"What are you doing?" Morgan asked


I didn't explain, " here give this to Harry, I gotta run it's almost 8 and I have work at 9 I gotta get ready" I say.


"Ok," Morgan says sadly as she takes the paper and gives me a hug. "Text me ASAP."


"Ok I will see ya" I say back half way out the door.

I jog down the stairs and I run into Harry and I make him drop his glass or water.


"Oh my gosh Harry I'm so sorry," I say in a panicky tone as a grab my Hollister hoddie to dry him off.


"Don't worry about it love," he says calmly, which calms me down.


"I'm just really sorry." I say


"It's ok," he replies as he wraps me up in a warm hug. Might I add that he smells amazayn. (Haha 1D humor)


"Gotta go bye." I say as I get out the door and into my car.


Well that was interesting!




As soon as Jacci left I went up to Morgan's room.


"Uhm hey." I say weirdly.


"Hey so you and Jacci huh?" Morgan said, teasing me.


"Well I think she likes me."I say with confidence.


"Well you'll just have to ask her," Morgan says to me handing over a small piece of paper with neat handwriting.


"What's this?" I ask confused.



"Jacci's number, she told me to give it to you when she left." Morgan said


"Oh ok thanks," I say backing out of her room.


"Oh and one more thing, be nice to her, she's sensitive." Morgan says

"I will, talk to you later," I say.

I pull out my iPhone 5 and add her into my contacts. Then text her



Hey Jacci it's Harry.



Hey so I see Morgan gave you my number.


That she did love



Mhm so what's up cupcake :P



Hey don't call me that :P and nothing right now love, but I was wondering if you would like to meet me at Starbucks tomorrow at 3:30 pm?



Sure that would be fun ;)



Ok I'll be counting the seconds love.



Awe that's so sweet, ahh well I have to go got work tomorrow :-/ ttyl! ;):)


Awe that sucks bye love!

So then I went to bed, thinking of her<3



This chapter was written by:

:P anything here on was not written by me...



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