Living With One Direction

Morgan Hall a 18 year old moves in with her dad and... Well you'll just have to find out


15. Chapter 15



My dad's funeral was last week mom came to it, it was the first time she has seen me in a month. She wanted me to come back with her but I told her staying here was for my safety. I was mad at her for trying to make me go back to that hell hole. Right now I was texting Niall they were on there way to another interview. So I was home alone and I actually wanted to be alone this time, I don't want to go to the boys interview because I know that they will pull me out on set and I don't like being in the spotlight. Things with Niall and I are going great. Jacci is starting to open up more to Harry, El is about two months pregnant now, Zayn and Perrie are engaged, and Liam is on the prowl looking for someone. He gets lonely when us couples go out and have fun. I just can't wait till he meets his girl, even though I thought Dani and him were perfect for each other.




Morgan and I were with each other yet again and I love her so so so much. Zayn and Perrie are engaged now, none of us were expecting this. Morgan is on her iPhone scrolling through Instagram, and she has the crazy lady face on right now, something's up.


"What's on there now?" I asked her.


"Well, there telling me to leave you and that your deserve better," she said.


"Don't listen to them they just want to be you, and they wish they new us and could date us and you deserve better not me you," I argued.


"Don't say that Niall," she whined.


"As long as you don't say that about yourself. Deal?" I reasoned.


"Deal," she said.



(This is another one of her old friends and im bringing him in so they can play soccer together on the travel team, plus i will be bringing another guy in for basketball.)

I was at the tryouts for the new travel soccer team and I heard that a girl is trying out, and the only really good girl in soccer that I have met is my friend Morgan. I wonder if its her, maybe she's here in London. The couch walked in and we all lined up I could see the long hair at the other end of the line just not the face. Coach Phil told us to warm up with some laps, 5 laps to be exact, this is going to be easy I thought as I started jogging around the field.




Morgan came with me to try out for a travel soccer team because she thought it would be fun to play, apparently she is really good. I haven't seen her play yet so this will be interesting, i thought as the coach told us to do 5 laps.




I was the first done with all the laps, I always was the first done when I played for school. I waited for Niall to get here which it took him an extra couple minutes to finish up.


"Ok, everybody we are going to introduce ourselves," coach called pointing at the opposite end of the line. There was at least 15 of us.


"I'm Jack. I'm Jacob. I'm Mike. I'm John. I'm Matt. I'm Stephen. I'm Jordan. I'm Quinton. I'm Mason. I'm Niall. I'm Morgan. I'm Kyle. I'm Austin. I'm Tony. I'm Josie."










my friend Jacci is writing a chapter about her and Harry and she still hasn't sent it to me. But it will be the next chapter so please dont be mad.


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