Living With One Direction

Morgan Hall a 18 year old moves in with her dad and... Well you'll just have to find out


11. Chapter 11


I can't believe today Morgan and I are going on a date. Now I just have to decide where to go.




I walked downstairs and went to the kitchen. Liam and Harry are making breakfast so I decided to go take a shower.






I woke up the next morning feeling relaxed and I went downstairs to see that breakfast was done and Niall wasn't down here yet. I grabbed a plate and started pilling on the food, it included bacon eggs sausage and waffles. About 10 minutes later Niall came in with wet hair and took a plate and pilled the same things I had on his plate and sat next to me. We finished our breakfast and I asked Niall what time we were going out, and he said around 9 tonight, but he wouldn't spill on any of the details even though we are probably going to see a movie.




We got into Niall's car and he drove to the "mysterious" place, and as I guessed we were going to the movies to see Grown Ups 2 (I know this movie came out awhile ago but for the sake of the story).




We went to the car and man was I tired but it was such a great movie and Niall and I laughed a lot. By the time we got home I was walking like a zombie, Niall scooped me up and took me into my room and layed me down in bed, and kissed me goodnight. I woke up the next day and looked at the bed side clock next to me.




Well I sure have been sleeping for a long time. I went downstairs and there was a note on the kitchen table, it read,' We have an interview today and a signing after that so we will be gone until at least 11:45 so see you tomorrow unless your awake then'. Well I guess I can ask Jacci if we can hang out today.



~hey Jacci do u want to hang out today?


I got almost an immediate reply



~yea sure ur house or my house i have to tell u something



~my house is good if its good for u



~ok i b there in 10


After that I didn't reply I started picking up some of the guys things because they are scattered everywhere, and Jacci doesn't even know i'm living with the famous boy-band One Direction.


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