Living With One Direction

Morgan Hall a 18 year old moves in with her dad and... Well you'll just have to find out


10. Chapter 10




I was sitting at the table with Morgan an Josie, and Mason and Jacci walked in hand-in-hand. They walked up to the table and said hey. We sat down and started up conversations, "So Jacci are you and Mason dating?"


"Yes," she giggled.


"That's good!" I exclaimed to her. Iv'e been waiting for them to start dating as me and Jacci kept in touch, and I also kept in touch with Mason and I knew they liked each other but I was sworn to secrecy.




We all went over to Jacci house because her parents aren't home and watched some movies and I got a text from Niall.


~Niall the sexy leprechaun

~hey whats up



~hey watching some movies with some old friends at there house


~Niall the sexy leprechaun

~so i leave for a day and u forget about me



~no i just wanted to meet up with them i havent seen them in years


~Niall the sexy leprechaun

~ok the funeral was today so i will be flying in tonight instead of tomorrow



~awesome cant wait want to do something when u get back


~Niall the sexy leprechaun

~sure how about tomorrow bcu ill get home around 10 tonight



~yea tomorrows good



~ok bye have to go tell everyone bye then going to the airport



~ok bye

When I looked up from my phone Josie was there. "Who are you texting?" she asked.


"No one in particular," I said back.


"Ok whatever you want to believe," she said as she turned away to look back at the movie. I guess I fell asleep during the movie because when I woke up the tv was off and Josie was leaving. I checked my phone for the time and it was almost midnight.


"Hey Jacci I have to go text you later," I said to her.


"Yeah text you later bye," she called.


I walked out to my car and started it up to drive home. The boys won't be pleased that I stayed that long. I got home and took out my key to unlock the door and when I opened it all the boys were sitting on the couch watching cartoons. I decided to scare them because they haven't noticed that i'm here. I slowly made my way behind the couch where all five boys were sitting on and shouted BOO.


"Jesus don't you ever do that again!" Louis yelled.


"Yeah," Harry agreed.


"Oh my god you guys are the easiest to scare," I laughed.


"No we're not," Liam defended.


"Yeah you kinda are," I sassed back.


"Whatever," Zayn said.


"It's true you guys jumped a mile high," I argued.


"Ok I think it's bed time for you," Niall said as he picked me up and took me up the stairs.


"Night guys," I called.


"Night," they echoed back.


Niall stopped in front if my door and put me down, "Thanks for the lift Niall," I said.


"Your welcome," he said. "Can I ask you something?"


"Yeah of course anything," I replied.


"Ummm........... Willyougoonadatewithme?" he said super fast.


"Yes Niall I will," I said to him sweetly.


"You understood that?" he asked.


I nodded and turned to my door but before I went in I said, "Goodnight Niall."


"Goodnight," he called back to me.

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