Truth or Dare

This is the the sequel to Oh my Harry. One year has passed and the boys and Kate are back from America. Wanting to spice things up a little they decide to play a game, truth or dare. Old feelings reoccur and things are left unsaid, but will this game change everything?


12. When did it all go wrong?

They say being drunk makes you reckless, and it causes you to be rational. Only now can I realise why, but why is the question on both our lips, neither of us have the answer, only the consequences of our actions. "Fuck" I said covering as much of my body as I could. His head fell back on the pillow, and I noticed he made no attempt at covering himself. Timing was key and definitely not on my side as someone began knocking on my door, "oh for fuck sake" I huffed. Zayn gave his best attempt at throwing on his clothes as fast as possible and jumping out of the bed. My clothes seemed to be nowhere in site so instead I wrapped a blanket around me and went over to the door. Thankfully it was Louis, and he looked as shit as I felt "hi" I said weakly. He nodded making himself at home in my room, this never normally pissed me off until now. "Lou you can't just come in my room, please I want some privacy" I whined. 
He tilted his head "privacy from what? Come on Morris I wan't to talk to you."
My stomach dropped "about what?" I said shakily. 
He raised his brow at me "what's going on?" he read right through me and I choked. 
"Please just go, we'll talk later" I said and he sighed getting up off the bed. A loud thump came from the corner of my room and I closed my eyes. 
"Morris" Louis said looking behind me and he paused, "what the hell happened here?" he half shouted looking between Zayn and I. I felt my cheeks redden and all I wanted to do at this second was cry, but I held it in. "Look we slept together no big deal people sleep together all the time" I said briefly as if everything would be okay. By the look on his face I could in fact tell it wasn't, none of this was okay. Louis shook his head in disappointment and left the room, I sighed falling onto the bed. Zayn tried to comfort me, but this was the opposite to what I need. "Zayn" I turned to look at him, "what are we going to do?"
He tried to speak but no words came, this was a disaster. I put on some clothes once I found some scattered across the bathroom. Louis was the only person I could talk to, but he was pissed at me. Liam made an attempt at making conversation with me, but he was the last person I wanted to speak to. If he hadn't of dared me then Harry wouldn't have left, and if he wouldn't have left I wouldn't have gotten drunk and slept with Zayn, I shuddered at the thought. 
"Kate you can't ignore me forever, please talk to me" Liam said gently. 
"And say what? Thank you for making him leave" I growled at him. 
He shook his head "you don't know the whole story."
"I know enough of it Liam, how could you do that to me?" I cried. 
"This wasn't about you Kate, you just got caught up in this. He knows we never slept together."
I stopped resting my arm on the counter "excuse me?" 
"That wasn't why he left Kate, I know this because I also got a note."
"And you thought you were just going to keep it to yourself" I grunted. He sighed pulling a piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to me. I know you didn't sleep with her, because under all that hard act you put on you're a nice guy. A better guy than I will ever be, I'm sorry I never told you. Look after her for me, I don't know how long I will be gone, or if I'm ever coming back. Tell her not to wait for me, although she's probably decided not to on her own, she deserves better than me. I need to do this Liam on my own like we talked about, thank you for everything H.

Or if I'm ever coming back... A lump formed in my throat as I dropped the letter on the floor. Liam was by my side within seconds holding me so I didn't fall. "We need to get you out of here" he whispered and I felt myself nod. Louis came insight and looked at me questionably "did you tell him?" he asked and Liam looked at me "tell me what?"
Louis' eyes widened, I know he never meant to spill, it's better out in the open I guess. "I slept with Zayn" I whispered and he let go of me. Almost losing my balance I managed to grab the side to keep myself upright. 
"You slept with Zayn?" Niall said accusingly.
"Look okay now everyone's up to speed with this big mess I'd like to stop talking about it" I said. 
"You think you can do something like that and expect no one to talk about it?" Liam shouted at me. 
"Take it easy mate, everyone makes mistakes when they're drunk" Louis defended me. 
Liam nodded "I just never thought she'd be the type of person who would" he said coldly and left the room. Niall followed him out with a tear in his eye and I covered my face "I'm going home Lou." He nodded knowing it was the best thing and probably because he know's I wouldn't stay. 
"I'll take you, grab your things and we'll go" he said going out the front door. 

Zayn's POV
So everyone knows about me and Morris, that's just great. I went to the one person I knew I could and he was slumped on his bed with his head in his hands. "Niall?" I asked questionably and he looked up to me.
"Why would you sleep with her, Harry has just left" he growled at me. But we both knew that wasn't the reason he was pissed at me. "I was drunk it was a mistake what else can I say?" I said throwing my hands up in the air in frustration. 
"That's not a good enough excuse" he said rolling his eyes.
"Okay well then what is a good one?" I asked sitting next to him.
"That you were scared and you thought sleeping with her would vanish all your problems, but they didn't did they?" he raised his eyebrow and I shook my head feeling defeated. He rested his hand on mine "you're rushing things, live in the moment not in the future." Niall always said this to me when I had done something. 
"I don't know what to do now, everyone is pissed at me even Louis" I pointed out. 
"He's just protective over Morris, he's not necessarily pissed at you."
"Fine Liam looks like he wants to punch me, Morris is a wreck and you..."
He tilted his head and lent back on his bed "what about me?"
"I can't handle knowing this has affected out friendship I'm sorry" I said again.
He patted my leg "we need more than a girl to get in the way of our friendship" he smiled.

Kate's POV
After we took all my stuff back to mine I went up to my room and lied down on my bed. Louis followed me up and got in beside me wrapping his arm around me. "Lou you don't have to stay" I reminded him and he smiled.
"I'm not leaving you, now turn over and hug me" he demanded. I laughed turning over and wrapping my arms around him. There was no spark between us, no electricity, only friendship. I loved this boy so much, and I don't know what I would do without him. Finally I felt safe and I allowed myself to fall asleep in his arms.

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