Truth or Dare

This is the the sequel to Oh my Harry. One year has passed and the boys and Kate are back from America. Wanting to spice things up a little they decide to play a game, truth or dare. Old feelings reoccur and things are left unsaid, but will this game change everything?


16. What if

"What would you do if you found out you only had 24 hours to live?" I muttered looking up at the clouds. Liam and I were stood still in the field by Harry's, it was getting late but neither of us said anything about leaving. He rubbed his chin and turned his head to face me "I would go to paris, have a meal by the eiffel tower, eat until I puke and then eat some more. I would use my last dare as a dying wish" he hid a smile and continued, "and maybe, just maybe you could admit you have feelings for me." My stomach twisted in knots and I bit down on my lip until a metallic taste soaked into my tounge. What am I supposed to say, that yes I do have feelings for you? That I can't get you out of my god damn mind?" After letting a little frustration out I calmed a little "but what about harry I can't just forget that part of my life never happened, even if he is gone" I sighed and wiped away a tear. Liam rested his hand on mine "I would never have done that to you" he said smiling a little. Before I could even think Louis interuppted us, none of it mattered once I saw the terror in his eyes. "Louis" I whispered as he looked over at Liam. 

"Theres a police car outside" he half screeched and Liam froze staring at something that wasn't there. Before I could ask what was going on, he pushed past me and walked back over to the house. I half ran after him just so I was close enough to hear what the police wanted. 

"Good afternoon sir, we're hoping you can help us" the short stubby man said, softly stroking his overgrown moustache. Liam placed his hands on his hips as he leant in closer to the man. "How can I assist you" he said sweetly. The mans face was cold "We're hoping you can tell us the whereabouts of Harry Styles."

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