Truth or Dare

This is the the sequel to Oh my Harry. One year has passed and the boys and Kate are back from America. Wanting to spice things up a little they decide to play a game, truth or dare. Old feelings reoccur and things are left unsaid, but will this game change everything?


6. Unwanted feelings

Liam's POV

Kate and I sat down in the living room, it was gone 2AM and everybody was asleep. After Niall's confession no one had much else to say.
"Can you believe it?" Kate said perched up on the sofa looking at me in disbelief. 
"Yes I can" I said honestly. "But he could be confused I mean, he's never experienced being with another girl, or boy for that matter."
She shook her head "watching him run off like that, I didn't know what to say. I'm happy Zayn is with him, he'll talk to Zayn right?"
I sat back looking at her "if he'll talk to anyone it will be Zayn."
She drummed her fingers on my arm staring off in space "are you nervous about tomorrow?"
I shrugged "it's just a game Kate, what happens, happens."
"Yeah I guess" she sighed rubbing her head. 
"What are you nervous about?" I asked crossing my legs.
"That they'll make me do something with you" she said honestly.
"Because of what Harry would say?" I tilted my head.
She nodded "among other things."
"I miss you, you know" I stated and she looked up at me.
"Me too" she frowned, "I miss how it was before we, you know. I miss being able to talk to you whenever I wanted, without complications."
"We'll get past this" but saying that is easier said than done. How can I get past this when I am in love with her? Feelings like that don't just fade, I wish they did. 
She smiled "you're a terrible liar" she groaned leaning her head on my shoulder.
I pressed my hand on her face "I wasn't lying" I whispered.
She bit her lip and held my arm pulling my hand away from her "yes you were" she said getting up. "I'm gonna go bed, you should to"
I nodded getting up "give me a hug" I held out my arms and she laughed. 
"Liam come on" she rolled her eyes shaking her head.
"What we can't hug anymore?" I said partly annoyed. 
She sighed wrapping her arms around me, closing my eyes I breathed in the scent of strawberries, which was her perfume. For some odd reason she always smelt of it, and I loved it. She pulled away from me and kissed my cheek "see you in the morning" she said and left me alone. I need to pull myself together, Harry is my best friend, and she doesn't deserve me pining after her. This need's to end now.

"Alright Liam, truth or dare?" Louis said scurrying out of bed and into the living room. 
"Dare" I sighed, it's too early for truths. 
"Excellent" he smiled "go and get me some milk from the corner shop, wearing only your boxers."
Typical Louis, I pulled off my top and jeans and grabbed some money from the counter. "Liam I said only your boxers" he said looking down at my shoes.
"What if I step on something?" I whined and he shrugged. Rolling my eyes I hopped out of my shoes and made my way to the shop. The woman in there was rather nice about it, only giving me the look over when I walked out. It's the fans that were a bit of an annoyance. 7 girl's stopped and stared at me before running over and asking for a picture. I kindly declined as I wasn't decent enough to be in any photo's that will be shown to the public. One of the girl's began to cry and my heart went out to her. "Okay one group one go" I clapped my hands as I wrapped my arms around as many of them as possible. After 10 minutes I made my way home, Louis raised his brow at me. "What took you so long?" he crossed his arms, this was Lou, always suspicious. 
"I stopped and had a photo with some fans, if you don't believe me I'm sure it will be on twitter somewhere" I shrugged putting my clothes back on. "Or you could have come with me to see for yourself" I laughed.
"That was a big part of the deal, I couldn't be bothered to go myself" he said. 
Niall finally made an appearance and we did our best to remain in conversation, without bringing any attention onto him. "Niall it's your turn" Louis patted him on the back and he smiled.
"Truth or dare?" he tilted his head.
"Dare" I said again, knowing it was risky to choose that after yesterday.
"Kiss Morris" he looked at me and I choked on a bit of toast.
"Niall" I began to say and he shook his head. 
"After yesterday you have no right to say anything" he shrugged and I looked over at Harry.
He nodded his head in support, and Morris looked at me terrified. It's just a kiss, I tried to remind myself as I walked over to her, just a kiss. Morris closed her eyes, and I could feel her shake as I came closer. Our mouths touched and electric ran through me as I kissed her, a little part of her kissed me back and I pulled away.
"Done" I said as confidently as I could - given the circumstances. Kate on the other hand was a mess as she glared over at Niall. Harry wrapped his arm around her and kissed her cheek. She seemed to calm down a little, but her eyes said otherwise.
"Time for school guys" Louis announced and Kate sighed.
"I'm not feeling school today I'm just going to stay here" she said. 
We all looked at her and Harry was the one to speak "I'll stay with you, we'll catch up with you all later, I'll save my one for last" he winked at me, and I knew he was fine with me.

Kate's POV

How could Niall make Liam do that, after everything? He confessed something big last night, and he's obviously pissed about something, why take it out on us? Harry pulled me close to him and I rested my head on his shoulder "talk to me" he whispered.
I looked at him "It's not the fact I kissed Liam, that ship has sailed don't you think?" He smiled nodding his head "but Niall, what is his problem" I spat. 
"He's angry, he obviously had a lot to think about last night."
"But why take it out on me and Liam? I certainly haven't done anything to him" I sighed.
"I can help you take your mind off it" He laughed and I rolled my eyes.
"For once, I'm not in the mood" I frowned, "I just want to cuddle" I said snuggling myself into him. He wrapped both arms around me tightly and closed his eyes.

Liam's POV
After kissing another girl, we all made our way home and I allowed Louis and Zayn to walk ahead of us. "You know that was out of order don't you?" I looked at Niall who kept his head down.
"I'm sorry, but what you did yesterday" he shook his head.
"I made you kiss someone Niall, it's not my fault you came to the decision you did. I may have pushed you to making it, nothing more."
He looked at me a tear in his eye "what am I going to do Liam?"
"Live your life how you are, being gay changes nothing." People these days make gay being a big thing, it's not. He hugged me "I need to apologise to Morris, she didn't do anything to me" he frowned.
I agreed and once we were back Niall ran over to Kate and hugged her "I'm sorry" he said repeatedly. Finally she gave in and hugged him back "it's okay Niall."
He sat down next to her and Harry, it was Harry's turn, and I'm ready for whatever he throws at me. But I do know it won't be pretty. 
"Truth or dare?" he asked me.
I wanted to say dare, but I think me and him need a truth. "Truth" I answered and he nodded thinking for a second.
"Do you still love Morris?" he asked and everyone stared at me, even her. I wanted to say no, if I said that everything would be okay. But that wouldn't be the truth, and it defeats the purpose of the game. "Yes" I answered and no one spoke, eventually Harry stood up and walked out the room. I looked over at Kate who was staring at me before following Harry.
"I'm sorry" I said to him once I found him in the garden.
He sighed "I expected it, otherwise I wouldn't have asked."
"This doesn't change anything Haz"
He looked at me "it changed everything Liam, why didn't you tell me?"
"And say what? Hey by the way I'm still in love with your girlfriend? I don't think so."
He frowned "what are we going to do?"
"We are going to do nothing, it's me who has to sort it out and I will, I just need time."
"Do you need time away from me, from her?"
I shook my head "I don't want time away from either of you, I love you both. Sure maybe I love her in the wrong way, but she's a good friend to me. And you, you are my best friend always. Besides she doesn't love me, she never looked at me the way she looks at you."
He nodded rubbing his head "this sucks."
"It does" I patted his shoulder "thank fuck, my go is over."
He rolled his eyes "well at least I'm not next. This game is a lot harder than I thought, it's getting pretty personal."
"I know" I said.

I found Kate once everyone was asleep and she wrapped both her arms around me "I had no idea."
"Course you did Kate, you just didn't want to admit it to yourself."
She smiled "I love how well you know me."
I held her face in both of my hands and kissed her, her eyes widened once I pulled away. "A kiss means nothing, one kiss, two kisses. It will never change anything with us, you're with Harry and that's that. You need to get past this too Kate, it doesn't have to be awkward."
She frowned "I miss you."
"I miss you too, so much we were good together weren't we?" I smiled.
She nodded "If we would have met first, maybe things would have been different."
"I don't think they would be, you and Harry are in a way meant for each other, embrace it."
"I love you" she whispered and I kissed her cheek "you too Kate."

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