Truth or Dare

This is the the sequel to Oh my Harry. One year has passed and the boys and Kate are back from America. Wanting to spice things up a little they decide to play a game, truth or dare. Old feelings reoccur and things are left unsaid, but will this game change everything?


5. Time to face the truth

Niall's POV

I awoke to my name being called repeatedly by Zayn. He must be excited for me to embarrass myself. I thought being first was the worse, but at least I get it out of the way and I can watch everyone else's embarrassment, that should be fun. When I knew I couldn't hold any longer I opened my eyes and looked at Zayn, who was smiling widely at me. 
"Let's get this over and done with" I moaned to him and forced myself out of bed. 
Seeing Zayn here this early must mean he has a dare for me, that's just great. 
"We're spending the week at Harry's, so come on get your stuff let's go" he was excited, nothing could hide that. I packed a small bag full of my clothes and anything I will need to last me a week, including a pack of biscuits. Zayn followed me out as we made our way to Harry's, I wanted to walk as it would take longer.  
"I should have dared you to get a lift" Zayn moaned as he trudged up the road behind me. I let out a laugh as I turned the corner on Harry's road. 
"It takes 10 minutes" I reminded him "and besides who would waist a dare on that?"
He laughed "fair point"

Everyone was already at Harry's awaiting my arrival. Louis and Morris were in a conversation as Liam and Harry played cards. "Hi" I said timidly and they all turned to face me, a smile playing at all of their lips. Louis got up from his seat and approached me "so truth or dare?" he smirked at me. 
Resisting the urge to punch him I answered "dare."
My first dare was to wear a duck outfit to school, Zayn never was creative with ideas. I embraced my look as I walked through the front doors, people stared and I brushed it off with a smile. I could hear Zayn's laugh from behind me, when will he grow up? Morris wrapped her arm around my shoulder "I dare you to hit on Miss Walker" she laughed and I blushed. Before I could mouth the word bitch to her, Miss walker was in my sight looking at me with a shocked expression. "What on earth are you wearing Niall?" she said to me.
I shrugged "It just felt right you know? I was wondering something" Morris was smiling at me from the corner of my eye "if you fancied a drink sometime" I blushed.
She coughed "excuse me?" 
"Like a date" I said and her face turned bright red.
"Very funny now get out of my sight" she snapped and walked away from me.
"Wasn't that hard was it?" Morris smiled.
"You think it's funny now, wait until it's your turn" I smiled and made my way to next lesson.

The day wore on and I still hadn't received anything from the others, which as you could imagine made me shit myself. Zayn and Morris were easy it's the others who will go as far as they could. Liam smiled at me when I left school, I know this was it, this was my fate. "Bring it, I can't take it anymore just tell me" I cried and he laughed.
"Truth or Dare?" he said and that was obvious.
"Dare" I tried to smile and he rolled his eyes looking around at everyone.
"Kiss..." my stomach was in knots as I waited for him to say who "Sarah."
I pulled a face as I looked over at Sarah, this girl has tried it on with me more times than I can count.
"That's not fair" I told him.
He shrugged "well you never seem to like anyone, who have you been with Niall?" I looked down at the ground and he gasped "you're a virgin" he spat out.
Knowing nothing was worse than standing with him, I speed walked over to Sarah and kissed her. As I kissed her I felt nothing, no heat, no electric buzz, nothing. She pulled away and looked at me startled "Niall" she began to say and I fled, as fast as possible. Liam called after me and I ignored him making my way to Harry's. It wasn't a quick walk but I needed the time to think about everything, thing's that never seemed important, now seemed to be everything.

They were all there when I arrived back, even Liam who was staring at me. Surprisingly it wasn't the look of smugness, he wasn't laughing at me, he almost looked like he felt bad. I smiled at him and sat down next to Zayn who was focusing on a game on his phone.
"Right so I guess it's just me and Lou?" Harry smiled at Louis and I frowned.
"Dare" I said before I found out who I was saying it to. To my dismay Harry took it as I was talking to him and made himself comfortable. "Kiss someone in this room" he folded his arms and I blushed. Looking around I was stuck on who to choose, Morris is the only girl, but she's Harry's, and I don't want to step into the middle of that. And then the're Louis, who would tease me about this for as long as I lived, Harry who I had already ruled out as it was his dare, Liam who would pity me, so that left Zayn. I stood up and went over to Zayn who was staring widely at me. "Let's get this over with" I said and lent forward and kissed him. The thing's I lacked from my kiss with Sarah came and my body jerked away from him before I almost enjoyed it.
"Am I that bad?" Zayn laughed and I shook my head in a daze.
"Sorry I" the rest came out as a mumble, I'm not even sure what I said. 
I excused myself and washed my face, ridding myself of any unwanted germs or feelings may I add. Liam knocked on the door and I turned to face him, did he know?
"You alright Niall, you've been in here for ages" he said softly and sat down on the edge of the bath.
"Yeah sorry" I whispered and wiped my face with the towell. "I guess I should face Louis now" I sighed and went back into the lounge where everyone was sat lost in their own conversation. I seemed to catch Louis' eye and he stopped, smiling at me. "You ready for the last one?" he said to me and I nodded.
"Truth or Dare" he smiled and I thought for a second, could I really face any more dare's?
"Truth" I answered and I hoped I wouldn't regret it.
"Admit something that you're afraid of to say" he said aloud.

I don't know how long I must have stayed silent but Louis coughed and brought me back "Niall" he said.
"I think I might be gay" I blurted out and the room fell silent.

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