Truth or Dare

This is the the sequel to Oh my Harry. One year has passed and the boys and Kate are back from America. Wanting to spice things up a little they decide to play a game, truth or dare. Old feelings reoccur and things are left unsaid, but will this game change everything?


13. No such thing

It was silly of me to think I could have had a happy ending. A year go I thought that was it and I was finally going to be happy, but just as easily it can be taken away from you within a blink of an eye. I don't know why Harry's gone I guess he had his reasons for not telling me. It still hurts though, that he couldn't confide in me but he could in Liam. Then again it was the exact same for me, except now I've lost the both of them. I miss Liam, he hasn't spoken to me since that day and it's been a whole week. Every night Louis has been round making sure I went to sleep, and he would be there when I woke up from a nightmare. He constantly tries to persuade me to come back to Harry's as everyone was still staying there, but I know when I'm not welcome. 
Louis knocked on the door and entered checking I was awake "come one."
I tilted my head "what where are we going?"
"Out anywhere you can't stay locked away in here, maybe we could go to school?" There's a line I thought he would never say. I groaned rolling over and covering my head with my pillow to block his voice out. He took the pillow and threw some clothes at me "we're going now get your ass up" he ordered. I shoved on the clothes and combed through my hair with my fingers. He kissed my cheek "you look nice Morris."
I bit my lip "can you do something for me Lou?"
He sat down beside me "of course what do you want?"
"Call me Kate, you're the only person who I can talk to right now."
He smiled slightly "okay Kate, now are we going or are we sitting here?" I debated whether to answer until I realised it was a rhetorical question. 

Overall school was still the same, I hadn't missed much at all. Louis wrapped his arm around my shoulder as we walked through school and I kept my head down avoiding eye contact. Especially if I bumped into one of the boys, they probably hate me. First lesson was with Liam, normally we sat together but he was next to Jess. My stomach sunk once I saw them together and I sat at the back of the class hoping no one would see me. "Nice of you to join us Kate, have you got a reason for being late?" I wanted to kill the new teacher at this second.
My cheeks flushed and I looked down at my desk "no."
"See me after class" she ordered and I nodded. As Louis rushed me I had forgotten all my books and pens, so I sat there helpless for a minute. Liam caught my eye and got up coming over to me, bringing a pen and a piece of paper. "Thanks" I said awkwardly and took them from him, "so you and Jess?" I said casually.
He shook his head "you don't get to talk to me about relationships Kate."
"Because I mess them up" I rolled my eyes.
"No because it's my relationship, and it has nothing to do with you" he said coldly. 
His words stabbed me and I felt a lump in my throat, I nodded instead of answering. He left me and I got on with my work, surprisingly this is the most I have ever done. Miss had no reason to moan at me as I wasn't any trouble. She looked down at my work "see what you can do if you just concentrate?" she said.
"I get it I'm sorry for being late can I go now?" I asked exhausted. She let me go and I found Louis in the canteen who incidentally saved me a seat. Noticing this wasn't a small table I eyed him suspiciously and he shrugged, great. I considered sitting on my own but then decided against it as Niall and Zayn approached us. "Where have you been Morris we've missing you" Niall smiled at me. 
"Sorry I just didn't feel like seeing anyone."
He nodded and Zayn came over and hugged me "you will always be one of us Morris, and we make mistakes too, everybody does" I patted him on the arm. 
"So" I lent on my arms "what have I missed?" 

Liam made it his mission to ignore my existence at lunch, speaking to everyone else but me. But that was cool if he wanted to be childish that's on him. I talked a lot with Zayn dissolving the awkwardness between us. We both know it was a mistake and can accept that. 
"So I think we should have another party" I said to them and Liam raised his eyebrow. 
"Kate, do you think that's a good idea after last time?"
"From what I remember it was pretty decent, you need to loosen up a little bit" I mocked him. He bit his lip and looked at Jess "why not do you want to be my date?" She smiled and nodded, oh jess. 
"Sorted" I said unaffected "tomorrow."
"Where shall we have it?" Zayn asked.
"At Harry's someone needs to honour him whilst he's gone" Liam growled. I stood up "yes so I'll see you all tomorrow at his, I need to go take care of some stuff" I lied leaving the canteen. There's only so much pretending until it's too much. I walked home with my earphones in and blocked out the rest of the world. 
Once I was home I dumped my bag on the side and made myself a ham sandwich. I wasn't hungry but Louis would moan at me if I didn't eat. By now I've gotten used to sleeping at this time of day, so after my sandwich I went up to my room and lied down.

It was midnight and the door rattled. I ran down the stairs as the banging grew louder and yanked open the door. Liam stood there defeated and well drunk, he lost his step and fell into me. "Liam" I sighed pulling him inside and onto the couch "why are you here?"
"I didn't know where else to go" his voice was slurred. I bit my lip once I thought of him and Jess and patted him on the head. 
"You can sleep on the couch" I said going over to the cupboard and pulled out a blanket, "take this." He held my arm and looked up at me "stay with me."
I shook my head "Liam I can't and not after the way you've treated me this past week."
"I'm sorry I was just mad" he said closing his eyes, "first Harry and now Zayn, I'm never going to have you am I?"
I sucked in an intake of breath "Liam" I gasped but he was already gone. For a while I sat there looking at him, the longer I stayed the more exhausted I felt. I lent back on the sofa next to him and snuggled close to him. I'll just lie here for a second...

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