Truth or Dare

This is the the sequel to Oh my Harry. One year has passed and the boys and Kate are back from America. Wanting to spice things up a little they decide to play a game, truth or dare. Old feelings reoccur and things are left unsaid, but will this game change everything?


4. It all starts now

I opened my eyes as a shiver ran through my spine. Harry wasn't there, did he leave me when he woke up? Slight movement came from the other side of the room, it was Harry. He was sitting in the armchair looking at me. 
"Hey" I said softly and he smiled. "Why don't you come to bed?" 
He shrugged "I'm okay over here" 
Groaning I got out of bed and made myself comfortable on his lap, wrapping my legs round him. "You don't need to do this, act all cold towards me. I love you and that will never change, no matter where I sleep. You never gave me a chance to explain because you stormed off in a strop. I don't want to get away from you or leave you, I want you here with me, or at yours. I just wanted to move my stuff back here, as it's my home Harry."
 He bit his lip "I know I'm sorry, I tend to jump to conclusions before the person has had a chance to explain."
"I know and I accept that, I just wish you wouldn't be mad at me."
He raised his brow "mad? If I was mad would I do this?" he said pulling off my top and kissing my neck. I closed my eyes as he kissed down my body "or this" he said kissing the spot next to my lip. I smiled and kissed him "I could never be mad at you" he said as he kissed me back. 
"Well you have a hard time showing that" I rolled my eyes jumping off him. 
"Where you going?" he stared down at my body. 
I took off my knickers and leggings "I'll make you a deal, if you catch me you're forgiven but if you don't..." I said running off down the stairs. I heard him from behind me as his hand found my waist pulling me back. 
"You were saying" he whispered into my ear. I gave my body up to him as he lifted me up leaning me against the wall. He stood there for a while staring at me before he pulled out a condom and put it on. I gasped as I felt him inside of me, gentle at first before he increased the force making me shatter around him. We dropped to the floor locked in an embrace, as his legs curled round mine. 
"I love you" he told me and I kissed him, my way of telling him 'me too.'

Harry and I met up with the rest after we showered and sorted ourselves out. Louis smiled at me as we walked in, as he looked between me and Harry.
"Okay" Louis announced "as we're all here we can begin. Is anyone having doubts about it?"
I raised my hand and he rolled his eyes "yes Morris."
"Who's going first?" I smirked and he chuckled. 
"Good question, Niall is up first."
Niall groaned "that's just great."
"I didn't hear you complaining when Lou first said it, so your moans are unwelcome" I said to him and he laughed.  
"Fair point Morris, bring it on."
"We need to have some rules" I said to everyone and Lou shook his head.
"One rule if anyone chooses to forfeit, there will be a severe punishment. Each of us get to choose one dare or truth for the person."
All our minds was on the punishment and Liam was the one to ask "what's the punishment?"
"Whoever forfeits has to walk round school naked" he said.
"That could easily be a dare though?" I asked oblivious.
"True but I promise not to dare anyone that" he laughed.
"That doesn't to apply to everyone or..." I laughed and he hit me in the arm. "Fine" I said and sat back in Harry's arms. "Oh and nothing should be involved with breaking the law" I added and they agreed.
"Niall go get some sleep it's going to be a long day for you" Zayn said.
"It's 1 in the afternoon?" Niall looked at everyone and sighed "fine, see you guys tomorrow."
Liam looked at Harry "come on, we still have work to do" and he nodded. What work? Harry kissed me and left with Liam.
"What was that about?" I asked Louis and Zayn and they shrugged.
"Are you nervous?" Zayn asked me and I nodded. 
"I suppose it's a bit unfair that you're the only girl,"
Louis shook his head "it only makes it more interesting, Morris has balls."
I raised my brow "I didn't realise I was a dude but that's cool."
He rolled his eyes "you know what I mean, but I can see things getting tense."
"You think? I swear if someone makes me do something with Liam I will kill you all."
"Oh come on it might be fun" Zayn laughed and I was the one to hit him. 
"We should make another rule, whatever happens stays in the game truth or dare. No grudges no noting after it's finished." This was the best idea Louis ever had and I hugged him.
"What was that for?" 
"For being you" I smiled and he ruffled my hair. 
Zayn coughed loudly and I jumped on him hugging him "happy now?"
He nodded satisfied and stood up "I'll see you guys tomorrow."

Harry came back to mine after Liam's and sat down on my bed exhausted. 
"Do I even want to know what you and Liam were doing?" I asked.
"It's best if it stays between me and him" he said and patted the bed.
I joined him and cuddled into him. Why was he keeping secrets from me, and with Liam of all people? 
"Promise me something" he whispered to me and I looked up to him. "That whatever happens we're still together by the end of this."
I pulled a face "nothing will change the way I feel about you, not a game, not a person." I said thinking about Liam. "You need to know that, because whatever happens I wouldn't have chosen it, it won't be my fault."
"I know" he said hugging me "let's get some sleep."


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