Truth or Dare

This is the the sequel to Oh my Harry. One year has passed and the boys and Kate are back from America. Wanting to spice things up a little they decide to play a game, truth or dare. Old feelings reoccur and things are left unsaid, but will this game change everything?


8. Fool me twice

Louis' POV
Considering I was the one to come up with this stupid game, I expect hell and more today. I bite my tongue and descend the stairs catching the eye of Morris, I winked at her and pulled her in for a hug. "I bet you're shitting yourself" she laughed.
I shrugged "not really, today will be a breeze."
"You're a crap liar, come on" she dragged me into the living room. The room was filled with taunts and laughter as I sat down, this day will be a breeze, I said to myself. 
"So" I clapped my hands, "who's going first?"

Niall made me wear a nappy to school, a fucking nappy. I pulled it off though - obviously. I embraced the baby style, but I can't help thinking naked would have been less embarrassing. I tend to like my body, and a nappy isn't giving it a good impression. 
"Morris come on we have lesson" I said pulling her away from Harry. We walked arm in arm to art, I never really liked art, I'm not creative in that way. She wrapped a jacket around me to avoid being looked at. "I'm pretty sure this isn't part of the dare" I told her.
"So I'm not going to tell them are you?" she smiled and I laughed.
After hugging Tyler she forced me to sit with him. I guess I'm not too fond of her old friends, especially the one's who left her. But she acts like nothing happened, and I guess I'll have to play along. Morris filled him in with what's been happening and he eyed me whispering in her ear. She laughed shaking her head "sorry mate, but I'm saving mine."
"You know Tyler, all you had to do was ask" I joked winking at him and he blushed. 
I felt Morris kick me from under the table and I chuckled. "What happened to the player boy Louis?" Tyler asked. 
"I may sleep with girls on occasions, but a player boy really?" I mocked him. 
He shrugged "I never saw you sitting with the likes of us at a table."
I hid a smile "you're right, but I'm here for Morris not you."
Tyler stood up "are you going to let him talk to me like that?" he shouted at her. 
"You started it Tyler?" she asked.
He huffed "one day you're going to have to choose where your allies lie."
She bit her lip and her face reddened "Louis' my best friend Ty, if you have a problem with that then that's your problem, not mine." He left after that and I felt bad for her, I maybe shouldn't have pushed it. "I'm sorry" I said to her and she turned to face me.
"No you're not, you don't like him" she raised her brow and I smiled.
"Fair point Morris"

"Jess is it?" Harry asked Morris and she nodded. "Do a strip tease for her" he laughed and I rolled my eyes.
"There's one problem Haz, I'm wearing a nappy" I moaned.
He sighed "that's true, okay ask her out" he said and I shook my head.
"Are you refusing a dare Lou?" he looked shock.
"I don't like her, that's not fair" I said and Morris tilted her head.
"Why don't you like her?" she seemed to be annoyed but I brushed it off. 
I shrugged not wanting to bore anyone with the details of my humanity. Harry pushed me forward and I went over to her. "Do you want to go for a drink after school?" I asked her and she looked around. Rolling my eyes I continued "I'm talking to you Jess."
She looked down hiding a blush and smiled "okay." Huh who would have thought she'd say yes, I went back annoyed and slumped down on the chair. "What's the matter Lou not used to getting turned down?" Zayn laughed.
"She said yes" I said quietly and he stopped laughing. 
"I'd love to live in your brain some time and see how it works" he said and left with Niall. 

After school I met Jess and we went over to the nearest pub. She wasn't yet old enough which made things awkward, so I bought her drink and we went and sat outside. It wasn't too cold, so I sat down on the floor with a drink in my hand. She stared at me for a while before bringing herself to speak "I know why you asked me out, someone dared you right?" I nodded, what's the point in sugar coating it? She stood up "well now you have completed your dare, I bet you wished I said no" she huffed. 
I looked up to her "I did yes, and now you're starting to prove my point. You're whiney and you have a constant need for attention."
She gasped "what did you just say to me?" 
"You heard me" I stood up, "I'm surprised you're still friends with Morris, is it because she's friends with us, is that it?"
"She's my best friend how could you say that" she shook her head.
"And that's where you are wrong she's mine."
She smiled biting her lip "you're acting like a girl Lou, boy's don't care about best friends like girl's do, they get on with it."
"I'm complicated I always have been, get over it" I said spitefully. 
"She's with Harry you know, or Liam I tend to forget these days, what makes you think she has enough room for you?"
"Because I love for, but I'm not in love with her, she doesn't need to fight me."

Once I got back I went up to bed and took a nap, my 'date' with Jess was more exhausting than I would have thought. She's a decent girl behind whatever she's got going on, but it's too much. Everyone found me an hour later and lied down next to me, after all the bed was massive. Liam and Morris were left and I decided to do one dare and one truth. "Kiss Harry" Liam chuckled and Harry scowled. I didn't care who I kissed I pulled Harry closer to me and kissed him. He cringed away from me as did I, both deciding we definately weren't gay. 
"In the past year you have changed, you're not as carefree as you used to be, why?" Morris asked. 
"You don't realise how much affect you have had on all of us. Before we meet you we never cared about most things, Harry and I were the biggest players here. Zayn hardly spoke except to Niall, and now he's more open. Liam well let's leave that for another day and Niall is Niall. You are my best friend, and I think we can all say that we are happy we found you."
Harry coughed "I found her actually."
Liam laughed "well actually so did I."
Morris rolled her eyes and lied down on her back staring up at the ceiling. I kissed her forehead and lied down next to her whilst Harry and Liam argued. 

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