You're Mine (Kidnapped By One Direction)

It Was All Just A Dream At First . Going To A House That Made Our Lives More Crazier Than It Needed To Be . Everything We Did From This Point On Caused A Different Reaction . And It All Started With The 5 Guys Apart Of The #1 Guy Band Alive.


1. Charaters XD

Hey I'm Raven Jackson And That Crazy Lady To The Left Of Me Is-

Me I'm Ashley Levi And Me And Raven Are Best Friends Forever And Always . But We're Forgetting My Partner In Crime . 

That's Me Of Course I'm Daniel Carter ... But Just Call Me Dannie And I'm Bisexual And  I'm A DIRECTIONER!!!  


Raven : That Is One Thing We All Have In Common . And As Long As They Don't Touch My Louis I'm Gonna Always Be Their Buddy 

Daniel :Your Louis ? Please They're All Mine Especially Niall

Ashley Bitch C'mon Nobody Has Zayn But Me . 



 Daniel/Dannie Carter
Age : 19
Born : December 5 , 1993
Interest : Mcdonalds , Nandos , Shopping , Singing , Harry Twerking , Niall's Penis .. #DontJudge

Ashley/Ash Levi
Age : 19
Born : October 12 , 1994
Interest :  Food ,Dancing , Singing , Shopping, Zayn's Pretty Face , Sleep ... I Like Sleep

Raven/Rae Jackson
Age : 19
Born : August 11 , 1994
Interest : Shopping , Eating , Singing , Loving One Direction , Louis's Ass 

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