You're Mine (Kidnapped By One Direction)

It Was All Just A Dream At First . Going To A House That Made Our Lives More Crazier Than It Needed To Be . Everything We Did From This Point On Caused A Different Reaction . And It All Started With The 5 Guys Apart Of The #1 Guy Band Alive.


2. Chapter 1

~~~(Dannie's P.O.V)~~~

My Alarm Clock Went Off And Of Course I Didn't Wake Up Because ... We Are Not Morning People In This Place . I Got Up And Stretched , Ran My Fingers Through My Crazy Hair . I Put My Shirt On And Walked Out Of My Bedroom . I Went Downstairs Into The Kitchen And Made My Morning Tea Myself Because My Best Friend Isn't Up To Make Me It :( . I Looked In The Cabinet To Get My Favorite Cup That Says YOLO On It . I Boiled The Water And Stuff And While I Was Making It Someone Came Behind Me And Jumped On My Back . It Was Just Ash " Bestfriend !!" She Yelled " Aye There's My Sweet Heart !" I Yell Back . I Give Her A Kiss On The Cheek And She Giggles . Me And Ashley Are Very Close As You Can Tell Like She's My Louis And I'm Her Harry . I Never Really Liked Her Like I Wanna Ask Her Out Like Her Because I'm Basically Gay And She Might Not Like Me That Way Anyway . " Where's Mine :(" She Whined When I Picked Up My Cup Full Of Tea . " You Should Have Been Up " . I Stick My Tongue Out At Her . She Playfully Punched Me In The Arm And Smirked . I Chuckled . 

We Both Sat On The Couch And Turned On MTV . As Soon As I Turned It On A One Direction News Feed Came On 
Tv~ *Are You Ready Uk ?  There's A Contest To See Which Lucky Contestant Will Win 3 Tickets And Backstage Passes To See One Direction In Concert In Los Angeles California At The Staples Center* . We Were Quiet At First Then Me And Ash Looked At Each Other , And Then We Screamed Bloody Murder . We Got Up And Started To Dance Like Its A Private Party

~~~(Raven's P.O.V)~~~

What Are These Goof Balls Doing Screaming Like Hell Came In The Living Room . I Got Out Of Bed And Walked Out My Bedroom And Went In The Living Room To See Ash And Dannie Dancing Like They Are At A Disco Party ." What Are Yall Doing ?!" I Snap "There's A Contest For One Direction Ticket And Backstage Passes" Dannie Yells . Before I Knew I Was Screaming And Dancing With Them . Like Oh My God If We Met One Direction .. I Would Hump Louis's Face . " When Is The Contest On How To We Win" I Questioned  " All We Have To Do Is Call When They Play Rock Me On The Radio" Ash Said . Then I Turned Up The Radio In The Living Room " Listen Closely" . Right When I Turned It Up The Guy Was Like *Alright Those Directioners Out There Have One Chance To Meet The One And Only One Direction Now Is Your Chance To Call In Here's  Rock Me By One Direction* . We Screamed And I Grabbed My Phone Off The Table And Called The Number Quickly . Just Then Someone Had Answered " Hello Hello?" I Said In A Calm Voice . The Guy On The Phone Was Like "Looks Like We Have Our Caller Let Me Put You On Hold " " Ok" I Simply Answered .

"What Did He Say ? " Ash Asked "He Put Me On Hold" I Responded . Thats When Dannie Got Out Of His Seat And Said " No That Guy Better Bring His Fat Ass Back Here !!" He Yelled And We Chuckled .Just Then The Guy Came Back When The Song Was Over And My Voice Was On The Radio  The Guy Was Like *Looks Like We Have The First Caller Whats Your Name ?* . "I'm Raven" Then Ashley Took The Phone From Me "I'm Ashley" Then Dannie Took The Phone From Her " And I'm Dannie " . The Guy Said *Ok Raven , Ashley And Dannie You Have To Answer This One Question To Get The Tickets ... The Question Is .... What 2 One Direction Members Do Directioner Usually Ship ? .. You Have 60 Seconds .. Go * . Ashley Gave Me A Smile Because She Knows I Know This One Dannie Started To Panic Because I Was Wasting Too Much Time .

Thats When I Spoke Up And Simply Said " Harry Styles And Louis Tomlinson " The Guy Stopped The Time And Made A Drum Roll Noise *That Is ...... Correct Congrats Raven Ashley And Dannie You All Are Going To The Connnnnncerrrrt!!!* . We Screamed And Yelled And Dannie Pulled Us In A Group Hug . I Love These Guys ♥ 

~~~(Ashley's P.O.V)~~~

I Was So Excited I Couldn't Help Myself I Almost Wanted To Pee But That's Because I Didn't Use The Bathroom This Morning .-. . " Yo We Need To Go Shopping Like Today " Raven Yelled . And That's When Dannie Was Like "I Bet You I Get Ready Before Both Of You " He Smirks "Oh Yea Ready Set .... Go!!" Raven Yells . We All Jet Upstairs And Start To Get Ready I Ran Into My Bedroom And Went In My Bathroom To Take A Shower . I Took A Shower And I Still Heard Someone's Shower On So I Had Time . I Dried Off Dried My Hair And Then Went To My Closet And Picked Out A Cute Outfit And Put It On . I Did My Hair And Stuff And Ran Downstairs As Fast As I Could With Raven And Dannie Right Behind Me . Me All Tried To Fit Down The Stairs And We All Fell On The Floor . We Laughed And Helped Each Other Up . Once We Got Up We Realized That We All Matched . That's When Dannie Was Like " You Guys Look Especially Fabulous Today " "So Do You " Raven Said And We All Laughed . " Lets Hit The Mall ... And Then Nandos " Dannie Said . " Or We Could Go To Nandos First I'm Hungry" I Say . Raven Came Out Of The Kitchen With A Doughnut In Her Hand And Me And Dannie Look At Her.

"What?" She Says With Her Mouth Full . " Don't Wanna Share ... That's Cool Me And Ash Gonna Go Eat Nandos Without You " Dannie Said And Grabbed My Arm And Linked It With His And We Walked Out The Door . "Wait For Me!!" She Yelled And Put The Rest Of The Doughnut In Her Mouth And Ran Out .

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