I'll Save You...

Cyrah is a mysterious person. She's keeping a secret. She hasn't told her friends. Her old best friend, Angel, transfers to her school, Angel gets herself in great danger, and Cyrah needs to make a quick decision.


5. sterile


Hey guys as. Hope you're enjoying my book. I'll update now but no more updates until tomorrow afternoon. I'm sleeping over to my friend Sam's house. Sorry. ~forever young~ cc

Angels POV

I wake up in an unfamiliar room. Its sterile and white but definitely not the hospital. It looks more like somebody's basement...but where. The last thing I remember is... Oh my God. Vampires. That guy. He was a vampire. I need some rest to think about this. I lay for hours and don't even begin to feel the slightest bit tired. I notice that... I'm not fucking breathing! What the fu... Wait, I'm still alive. What happened? I sigh. Just then a door creaks open. I shoot up on the bed across the room in... Less than a second and crash into the sterile wall. I look to the door and in comes... Robert? What is Cyrah's brother doing here? His eyes are a dark red with fangs out. I look away in fright. He bursts into laughter.

"I was only trying to scare ya, love" his accent speaks

"Well mister, I have like 1,000,000 questions for you! Starting with 'what the hell am I doing here'" I throw my hands in the air.

"I should let the pack leader answer that for ya." He winks. He's always been such a wierdo. Then cyrah comes in WITHOUT scaring me shitless. She sits on the corner of the bed.

"Get lost, virus" she smirks at Robert. I chuckle slightly at her using of our childhood nickname for him. He puts his hands up in defeat. I get ready for the most interesting conversation of my life. 

Cyrah's POV

"Alright, here it goes" I say she nods

" okay so at the meeting that I have no idea how you know about, I heard you scream. Me, Bryce, Matthew, and the rest of the warm blood clan came to find you. You were captured by the cold blood clan. So to save you from an unkindly death I turned you... Into one of us" I trail off disappointed Of myself. She hugs me.

"Aren't all vampires cold blooded?" She asks

"Well technically yes. But the clan names are for good and bad. Warm blood clan, aka me and such,  and cold bloods, which include Tiffany, Ashley, Cassie, Alyssa, Matty, and Jack, whom you already sorry met..."

"Yeah!" She scoffs.

"Listen Angel, this is- im- you-" 

"You're a vampyyyyahhh" Matthew hisses from the doorway. I look at him and point at the doorway. Him and Robert burst into laughter and walk down the corridor. I roll my eyes. Her eyes widen in realisation.

"I- i- I'm a vampire!?!" She asks in shock.

"Well, not entirely. You're a halfring. Until you taste human blood, you stay that way. I was until..." I trail off

"Until last night" she saddens.

"Yeah, its alright. At least now I'm not a virgin" I say brushing her off

"What...?" She asked

"I've had human blood. I'm caught up with the rest of the group" I say

"Haha, so like a vampire virginity." She doubles over in laughter. I roll my eyes.

"So let's go." I pull her arm"

"Where" she asks curiously

To get you out of your house" I reply simply



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