I'll Save You...

Cyrah is a mysterious person. She's keeping a secret. She hasn't told her friends. Her old best friend, Angel, transfers to her school, Angel gets herself in great danger, and Cyrah needs to make a quick decision.


1. prologue

Your parents told you never to believe in monsters, right? Well, that bitch lied :) Here are all the people living, growing, breathing, people. It gives me an envious pang in my heart when I see them all, they go on with their lives. Me? No. I'm stuck in this fucking madhouse of a universe. Its hard being what I am, living how I live, knowing that I can never turn back in my decisions. The worst part is, my best friend, Angel, is transferring to my school. I know you're probably wondering why that is such a bad thing. My school isn't safe. Truly. I just hope we can protect her... I need to protect her...

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