I'll Save You...

Cyrah is a mysterious person. She's keeping a secret. She hasn't told her friends. Her old best friend, Angel, transfers to her school, Angel gets herself in great danger, and Cyrah needs to make a quick decision.


4. mystery...

Cyrahs POV.

I sit on my plush lilac pillow as I stare I to the mirror. I cannot stand all the stereotypes on vampires. Let's sort this stuff out. First of all, we do show up in mirrors. I mean who wouldn't notice if I got onstage with the big mirror behind me, and I didn't fucking show up. Second of all, I can go out in the sun. I'm pretty natural tanned. We can turn into bats. We do also jump far, not fly. And I absolutely do NOT sleep in a coffin. I sleep in a white satin queen sized bed. Well, if I slept. Its pretty weird. I don't breath, but yet I'm sighing all the time. I fall backwards on the bed before spilling myself out the sheets. I turn on my iPhone wincing at the sudden bright lights. 12:39! I have to get ready. I jump to my closet and pull apart the hangers, reaching into the hole in the wall. I pull out my meeting outfit. I pull on my black spandex tights and the purple mini skirt with purple tank and the leather cropped jacket. I run to the bathroom and braid my straight hair a bit on the side. I apply the crimson color on my lips and turn around. Matthew is dressed similar. Black sweat pants and I purple tee shirt. He hugs me from behind and rests his head on my shoulder. I peck his lips and check the time. 12:57. We betterr hurry. I leap from my window landing on my feet. He swiftly follows and we make our way.

"Race ya" I smile and take off. I'm there in a matter of seconds. I turn around and Matthew is leaning on a tree pretending to sleep. I walk over and he opens his eyes smiling. The whistle is blown and I get pulled into his lap and we listen to the leader of the pack. I wave to Bryce and he smiles. 

Angels POV

I sat by her window. I was going to follow but they just... Vanished. Weird. I was about to leave when I saw a note, it must've fallen out from Cyrah's beanie. She always keeps things in the hat. Or her shoe. I pick it up and read it quietly to myself. 

"21 Lynch's lane" I mumble to myself. I start walking when I'm stopped by a guy. I vaguely recall seeing him at school.

"Hey daisy chain" he smirks. He's tall and slender with shaggy black hair.

"What?" I sass

"Difficult, are we?" He circles around me

"Annoying are we?" I spit at him

Suddenly people grab me from behind and I let out a scream as one of them lays their... Fangs?!? On my neck.

Cyrah's POV

We were sitting peacefully when I heard a scream. An agonising scream. And I knew who it belonged to. Me and Matthew look at each other and dash off. In a matter of seconds we arrive at the black forest. Home to the cold bloods. I open my fangs as I see a limp angel on the ground. I point to her and Matthew is by her side. I see a figure emerge from the darkness and I let out a hiss, my eyes becoming bright red. I charge to him with Bryce close behind. He comes toward me and I flip completely over his head. 

"Jack" I narrow my eyes at him and he smirks. He sees all the backup and his clan shape shifts into bat form and fly off. I kneel by Angels side.

"Matthew how do I do it?" I panic when I see the bite

"You have to turn her, you've got no other choice" he says sadly

"But that would mean-" 

"I know babe" he looks at his feet. I sigh and bite down on the other side of her neck. Sucking on the wound until empty. We then carry her to Robert's house for treatment.

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