I'll Save You...

Cyrah is a mysterious person. She's keeping a secret. She hasn't told her friends. Her old best friend, Angel, transfers to her school, Angel gets herself in great danger, and Cyrah needs to make a quick decision.


6. moving out

Robert's POV

Angel, Cyrah, and Bryce are gone to move Angel and move her in with Cyrah and Matthew. I've decided to talk to Matthew, see what he's up to with my sister.

"Hey, Matt, come here for a sec?" I ask as I sit on the sofa. He soon emerges from the kitchen with a glass of something red. Probably substitution. He sits next to me and lays the glass On the glass table. 

"Yeah?" He turns to me

"Just wanted to talk" I say nonchalantly

"Oh, Kay" he says "so? What did you want to talk about?"

"How are things with you and my sister?" I ask simply. He smiles widely

"Great, why?"

"You guys are really close" I state

"Well, yeah I guess" he shrugs

"So, err, have... Uhmm" god this is harder than I thought.

"Oh God, no no!" He turns away

I chuckle a bit

"Aha okay, wanna play some FIFA?" I suggest

"Yeah, yeah. Sure man" he agrees

Matthews POV

"Oh God, no no!" I lie. I mean. Been together for almost five years now...  I get snapped out of my thoughts by another question from Robert.

I agree and pick up the controller. We play for a bit then go out hunting for dinner tonight.

Cyrah's POV

We arrive at Angel's house and get out of the car. She opens the door and I follow obediently behind her. She walks into her mothers room and talks to her. A few minutes later her mom walks out.

"Move in with you?" She asks

"Yeah. No rent. My brother supervises us. Safe neighbourhood and plenty of nice neighbours." I reply sweetly. Angel looks like she's about to pass out from temptation. I panic." Angel, why don't you go out Roth car and get my phone please?" I ask. She nods and quickly exits the house. After an hour of talking, her mom agrees and were quick to pack and get out. We drive for sometime until we arrive at me and Matthew's house. She gasps at the house and runs in. I show her her room and me and matt's room. We move in her stuff and head to Roberts for dinner.

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