I'll Save You...

Cyrah is a mysterious person. She's keeping a secret. She hasn't told her friends. Her old best friend, Angel, transfers to her school, Angel gets herself in great danger, and Cyrah needs to make a quick decision.


2. first day

Cyrah's POV

I sigh as I sit atop the tree branch. I look across the ocean and close my brown eyes, leaning my long brown hair gently on the side of the birch tree. I sigh again, closing my eyes.I feel hands lay themselves gently upon my shoulders. I stiffen and turn slowly, letting out a relived sigh when I realize its only Matthew.

"Whats your problem? Still nervous?" He says lovingly

"Of course I'm fucking nervous! My best friend is moving here and will nine chances out of ten be dead by morning!" I yell, throwing my hands in the air.

"So I take that you ARE nervous?" He says playfully. I stifle a laugh and he wraps his arms around me, engulfing me as I sigh and lay my head in the crook of his neck. He sighs.

"What?" I ask with a pout

"The guys want me to talk but if you need me then..." I cut him off

"Just go" I laugh and hit his arm. 

"Thanks babe, love you" he kisses the rip of my nose ad I scrunch it up, shooing him off. I st back upon the tree branch. Jumping up and dangling my ballet flats over the side.

Angel's POV

I wake up to my alarm clock blasting a nickleback song across my dark blue walls. I let out a sigh and open my misty hazel eyes, giving them a chance to focus. I hit the alarm clocks head andhaul myself out of the comforter. Its a nice sunny day out. 25°C is pretty hot for where we live. I look through my dresser and my closet to find something to wear. This will be the perfect day! As much as I hate leaving my friends, I'm glad to be seeing Cyrah again. We don't get to see much of each other since she moved. But now I'm in a new place. Just up the street from her. I finally decide on my black mini skirt with some knee high leggings, and a ocean blue strapless top. I apply my signature silver eye shadow with a bit of mascara. I also add a bright red lipstick to my full lips. I tie my brown hair in a messy bun and emerge from my room. I hop down the stairs in my bare feet and walk into the kitchen, grabbing a bowl of cheerios and a glass of orange juice. I sit at the table and soon the yelling upstairs signafies that my mother is tryingbto get my brother, Jay, out of his bed. A groggy looking Jay soon comes down the stairs yawning. He drops into the chair next to me and puts his he'd down on the table, letting out a moan and becoming silent, I roll me eyes as I walk from the table with my dishes and put them in the wash. Soon after I run upstairs, grabbing my black sparkly clutch with my money and my iPhone. I run down the stairs and knock my brother upside the head, signaling that he has to get his lazy ass in the car. He cringes at the streaming sunlight thought the sliding glass door.

"I'm leaving in two minits" I yell as I walk down another flight of stairs and slide into my Greek sandals. I grab a bottle of water from the fridge and grab my black studded sunglasses off the bench in the porch.I walk out of the house and sit in the front seat. Jay sits staring out the window.

"How come you got to transfer and I didn't? He asks sadly as I start the car and roll down his and my window.

"Because my school is closer than the old one. Yours is the closest one. He sighs. I just think he's scared about starting a new school. We roll down the road in my black Porsche. I put down the hood and turn up the radio, sliding on my sunglasses with one hand. He shifts his book bag in his lap nervously as we pull into the parking lot of PWC. He waves and loosens up as he spots some of his friends waving him over. I nod a goodbye and head to my school. I'm so glad I don't have to bring my book bag as we have just a presentation and then a free day till the buses come at 2:15. I pull into the parking lot and almost automatically spot Cyrah. She's hugging a guy I suppose is Matthew, her boyfriend. As I pull into an empty spot I see him kiss her nose and run off. She jumps like... 5 feet into the air and rests herself on a branch. That was cool. How? Anyways. I run over to the tree and stand by it. She looks almost mediating. 

"BOOOO!!!" I yell and her eyes grow wide as she falls from the tree and lands in a stunt roll on the pavement. Where did she learn that. She gets up with not a scratch. That's pretty cool.

"Dammit Angel" she curses as she wipes her skinny jeans off. She has in a one shoulder pink top that shows a bit of her stomach. But not enough to make her look like a slut. She hugs me as we walk. We have a laugh until we see a girl who looks vaguely familiar. Cyrah's face goes pale.

"Hey Tiffany..." She looks at her feet. TIFFANY! Cyrah's bully... Oh fuck

"Hey, kyrah. Who's this? Your girlfriend?" Her and her minions laugh.

Shit. Just. Got. Real.

I turn to face her.

"Hey, Bitchany. How about you shut your glossed lips before I smack them. You and your asshole's of friends make my best friends life miserable. So I suggest you stop now." I bark. Cyrah looks at me in shock. Tiffany's face goes sour.

"I could make you less popular just by starting a rumor." She spits back

"Bitch I could make you less popular by taking the makeup off your two faces" I narrow my eyes. Cyrah let's out a slight laugh. Tiffany puts her hand on her hip and turns, letting her perfect black hair move freely around her fake tanned face. The bell rings and we all file into the school for the presentation.

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