I'll Save You...

Cyrah is a mysterious person. She's keeping a secret. She hasn't told her friends. Her old best friend, Angel, transfers to her school, Angel gets herself in great danger, and Cyrah needs to make a quick decision.


3. first day part 2

Matthew's POV

We emerge from the dark gym as the lunch bell rings. I run outside in my varsity jacket and black skinny jeans. I stop at the familiar birch tree we meet in every day. I tie my white Oasis shoes and run a hand through my brown hair. Soon after I see A laughing Angel and Cyrah stride slowly toward the tree. she's beautiful. Her bright smile, the glowing light in her eyes, her laugh. Its so stupid that her secret is holding her back. Who am I kidding! Its holding all of us back. Me, Cyrah, Brigid, Bryce, Robert. We're all frozen as such. It scares me sometimes, knowing this.

"MATTHEW!!!" Cyrah and Angel yell in unison.

"Oh sorry" I apologize. Cyrah hugs me as we talk.

"So I say we pick up the pack...err... Group and go to Atlas"Cyrah suggests and gives me a "I'm a fucking idiot" look and I give her an "I know" look. Angel is staring at us like we're insane. We just laugh and walk to find the others. Robert Graduated last year, Bryce is in the year ahead of us. Brigid is over by the basketball net in a deep "session" with her boyfriend, Jordan. So its just me, Cyrah, Angel, and Bryce. We find him asleep in his car. Cyrah climbs in through the sunroof and scares him. he shoots up and let's out a hiss. Cyrah blocks Angel's view of him. She moves back and gives him a knock upside the head. They start talking and get out of his car. The four of us walk to lunch.

Angel's pov

The bell rings telling us basically "get the fuck out of our school" and we aren't complaining. I walk to the parking lot not knowing where Cyrah is. I hear her talking to Matthew behind the tree

"Are you sure you don't want to tell her?" Matthew pleads

"No, shes my best friend, I don't want to"

Wait...are they talking about me?

"Okay but you're gonna be sorry later" he warns

"I know" she sighs. She tells him to meet at her house at 1am. They will go together. Go where? What isn't she telling me? Looks like I have a mystery to solve.

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