I'll Save You...

Cyrah is a mysterious person. She's keeping a secret. She hasn't told her friends. Her old best friend, Angel, transfers to her school, Angel gets herself in great danger, and Cyrah needs to make a quick decision.


9. bruises

Angel's POV

My eyes widen in surprise as his lips collide with mine. I try to pull away but his steel grip tightens around the small of my back and my neck. I thrash and bite him. 

"What the fuck?!" He pulls back and glares at me

"I was about to ask you the same question!" I yell back. He rolls his eyes and I jump to the trees, escaping this creep.

Cyrah's POV

Me and Matthew sit on the grass, me atop his laplap. He leans his head into mine and I bury my face in the crook of his neck.

"I love you" he whispers quietly. "More than you could know"

" I love you too" I lean closer. Closer, closer, closer

"CYRAH!" I hear Angel scream in the distance. I know something happened by the tone of her voice. Seconds later she shoots through the forest, hair a mess, tear stained cheeks. I shoot up and run toward her.

"What happened?" I ask worriedly 

"Bryce, he- he"

"He what!"

"He kissed me" he sobs

Bryce is gonna get what's coming to him.

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