Just one chapter.


1. Gone.

I always wake up feeling like shit. I sit there and wonder why am I still alive. 'Today' I always say, today is the day I end my life for good. I sit in my room, in the dark of course, and slightly wet my wrist with a damp cloth. I don't like it but it's the only way to realise my feelings and emotion. I grab my blade, which lays next to my bed. I sit in the corner and start to cut. I lay there minutes after, I drift away into my own little land. It's like injecting yourself with a drug you don't know the name of. I close my eyes and vision a perfect life where I was beautiful and had loads of friends that loved me. I think of that one boy I've always had eyes for, we was together. I vision my idol Justin Bieber holding my hand and telling me everything's going to be alright. I imagine myself standing on the edge of a cliff, knowing I was going to let myself fall. 3,2,1, Gone. But I open my eyes and realise it was only just a dream.

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