Opening my eyes quickly, I sat up in bed, soon sighing deeply in relief as I realised it all was a dream. “That never happened,” I mumbled to myself, not wanting to seem babyish if I went to one of my friends living with me. Well, I wouldn’t say they were my friends. They do live with me though. No, we’re not siblings, we all live in a care home. It’s awful, living here. The staff we have, they do try their best to make us all happy, and I do appreciate that but I just don’t understand the answer to the question I ask the same person, every single day. “Why can’t I be happy?” I often asked the person who was nicest to me under this roof, who actually paid attention to me, and he would shrug and shake his head...


1. Prologue

“Okay, are you ready?” a male voice asked, then a female voice interrupted the male.

“No, she’s not ready!” she exclaimed, making me furrow my eyebrows in confusion, I still felt groggy from earlier, although I wasn’t sure on what happened. But then, the next second, I felt pain shoot through my body, making me let a blood-curdling scream escape my lips. The pain was unbearable, and I can remember trying to push something off me, possibly the male I think, but I can’t remember clearly because I can only memorise the fact that I saw the man pick up an injection needle and jabbed it into my arm, injecting something that made me feel groggy and sluggish all over again.

Whimpering in pain, I begged for the torture to end although I was not sure on what the torture was exactly. “Not again,” I murmured.

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