The Golden Switch

When Neville wakes up one morning, everything seems normal, but in fact, a lot more than he expected has changed overnight. What will happen as he sees what it is like to become one of his most respected idols???? How will he cope being one of the most popular and well-known people in the whole wizarding world????


3. What is going on???

That was when I really thought I was going crazy. As I looked around the room, I realized that everything was all wrong!! For a start, Ron was sitting in the corner with Pansy Parkinson and they were chatting away like best friends!! Also, Ron was wearing a dress, with a badge saying S.P.E.W. on it!!!

In one corner of the room Parvati and Padma Patil were pouring over a box of what looked like Weasley's Wizard Wheezes and grabbing random first and second years to try them out on. When Ron saw this, he suddenly stood up and rushed over to them and started banning their products.

Pansy then came over to me and said, 'hey Harry, do you want to go to breakfast with me???' 

'No, of course he doesn't want to go with you Ginny, go with Hermione,' came Hermione's low voice behind me. 'Come on Harry, let's go.' 

Hermione grabbed my arm and dragged across the common room. Then Fred and George came across the room, also in dresses and linking arms. 'Hi Harry!!' they said together, and then they walked off giggling like monkeys!

Hermione and I had just got out of the portrait hole when Harry came up to us and said 'Hey Harry and Ron, have either of you seen Trevor anywhere?? I've lost him again,' he said looking sad. I was about to say something when Hermione butted in and said, 'No we haven't, go away Neville!!' 

'But - ' I started to say. 'Come on Harry,' Hermione urged and she pulled me all the way down the stairs and to the Great Hall. When we were at breakfast I sat in between Hermione and Ron. Hermione was shoveling food down her mouth so quickly I was sure she was going to be sick!!!

Then, in a very high pitched squeak Ron said, 'oh honestly Ron, all you ever do is eat and eat and eat!' Then Ron picked up a book out of his bag and began to read. Then Hermione said, 'oh honestly Hermione, all you ever do is read and read and read!' Ron slammed his book shut and started glaring at Hermione who was just glaring back. 'Come on guys, calm down!!' I said trying to make peace. I really did feel sorry for Harry having to be stuck in the middle of all this bickering everyday!!! And then I noticed that Pansy kept sneaking quick looks at me and then turning away, giggling. It was very strange.

Then Ron, Hermione and Pansy all looked up at once. I turned to see what it was, and was surprised to see Luna, Ginny, Dean and Seamus all glaring down at us looking really angry. 'Malfoy,' spat Hermione.

'Oh, nice to see you too, Weaslebey,' said Luna, just as menacing. I was shocked at first, but then I realized that she and Malfoy must have been switched as well. My eyes wandered over to the Ravenclaw table, and I wasn't too surprised to see Malfoy in a giant lion hat sitting all by himself over there.

'So Potter, think your going to win the Quidditch match today??' sneered Luna, clicking her knuckles.

'What??? There is a Quidditch match tod - ' I started to say, really frightened now.

'Of course Harry is going to win, I bet you five Galleons,' Hermione said turning to Ginny. They shook hands sneering at each other. I'd never seen them looking so angry at each other before. 'See you on the field then,' said Luna in a horrible voice. She and her cronies walked away. I just sat there stunned.

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