The Golden Switch

When Neville wakes up one morning, everything seems normal, but in fact, a lot more than he expected has changed overnight. What will happen as he sees what it is like to become one of his most respected idols???? How will he cope being one of the most popular and well-known people in the whole wizarding world????


2. SWITCH!!!

Purple and orange light covered up my vision. A strange, tingly sensation was coursing through my body, starting at my toes and ending in my head. 'Urrggh.... owwwwww.... ' I moaned as I suddenly woke up and all the pain from my head came crashing down on me.

'Shut up Harry, I'm trying to sleep' said Hermione's voice across the room. Except it was lower and deeper than her usual voice. 'Hang on... Hermione?? What are you doing here?? This is the BOYS Dorm!!!' I yelled, completely astonished!!

'Bloody hell, Harry, stop playing games, it's too early in the morning,' came Hermione's voice again.

'Did you just say 'Bloody hell'???' And then something else struck me. 'Wait, are you calling me HARRY????' 

'Don't mess around with him Harry!! For goodness sake it's only quarter past seven!!' came a very deep grunting voice from Dean's bed. It wasn't a very familiar voice, but I thought I had heard it before. I tip-toed over to his bed and pulled back the curtains. Then...

HORROR!!! It was Vincent Crabbe, one of Malfoy's cronies, lying in his boxer shorts on top of the duvet. I screamed in terror!!!!!

'HARRY!!!' he shouted. 'WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE???' 

'Erm... actually I'm not sure!!' 

'Just get back to your own bed!' Crabbe cried. I obliged quickly, still startled at what had been lying in Dean's bed, and I jumped back into my own bed, only to find that someone was already lying in it!! 'AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!' we both screamed! Then I realized that the REAL Harry was staring at me, a look of terror on his face. Then he relaxed.

'Oh.... er... so sorry um... Harry' he said looking at me. 'But erm... why did you get into my bed anyway???' 

'What? But your Harry and this is my bed!!!!' 

'No, you must of hit your head really hard Harry, because I'm Neville and you are Harry... remember??'

It was all so confusing!!! I ended up going to Harry's bed to lye down, but then it was time to go to breakfast anyway. 'Come on guys, we'd better go to breakfast now then,' a voice even deeper than Crabbe's was coming from Seamus' bed. Then Gregory Goyle emerged from Seamus' curtains, also in his boxer shorts. I looked away quickly and then wondered if Hermione was going to be able to take all of this. Once we were all ready we went down to the common room, and that's where the switch really got to me......

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