The Golden Switch

When Neville wakes up one morning, everything seems normal, but in fact, a lot more than he expected has changed overnight. What will happen as he sees what it is like to become one of his most respected idols???? How will he cope being one of the most popular and well-known people in the whole wizarding world????


4. Quidditch

After breakfast, I made my way to the Quidditch stadium. Padma and Parvati sprinted past me, their broomsticks and in their hands. 'Hurry up, Harry!!' called Parvati, 'The tactics were discussed five minutes ago!!!' 

I ran to the broom cupboard, took out Harry's firebolt, and rushed onto the Quidditch pitch just in time to hear the starting whistle blow. The last time I had ridden on a broom, I was in my first year and I had fallen and broken my wrist. Therefore I was just a tiny bit nervous!!! I mounted the broomstick, but when I kicked off from the ground, I couldn't stop going!!!! I kept on rising up, up and UP!!!!! I rose above the stands and the crowd below including all my fellow team members. I leaned forwards, and immediately the broom started soaring back towards earth.

'AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!' I shrieked, but the sound was drowned out by the wind pounding against my face. I plunged towards the ground. I saw Luna duck into a dive and come and follow me in the corner of my eye. She obviously thought that I had spotted the snitch and was trying to catch it. I was too busy looking at her to realize that I was inches from crashing into the ground and then...


I landed in a heap on the floor, and as Luna was also going very fast, she crashed to the ground too and landed on top of me with a thud. 'OOOHHH AND THAT WAS A VERY BAD CRASH FOR GRYFFINDOR'S SEEKER HARRY POTTER AND SLYTHERIN'S SEEKER DRACO MALFOY!!!!!' I heard Lavender Brown's booming voice out of the giant microphone in the stands. As she was doing the commentary I assumed that she had switched with Lee Jordan, who usually did it. I quickly got to my feet again and so did Luna. We both mounted our brooms again and pushed of from the ground hard. She obviously pushed harder than I did because she soared much higher over the stands. As I watched her swerve in and out of the stands I realized that she was very close to a glint of gold, but it looked like she hadn't spotted it yet.

As fast as I could possibly go I soared through the air towards her and grabbed the snitch which had been hovering by her left elbow. I was about to celebrate that I had won when I lost my balance and slipped off the broom!!!! I was still clinging on for dear life with one hand, but luckily the broom was gently floating back to the ground and I could just enjoy the ride.

I was very embarrassed that I had slipped, but when everyone started lifting me onto their shoulders, all the embarrassment went away!!! I was soooo happy!!!! Maybe being Harry Potter was the best thing that could have happened to me!!!!!

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