The Golden Switch

When Neville wakes up one morning, everything seems normal, but in fact, a lot more than he expected has changed overnight. What will happen as he sees what it is like to become one of his most respected idols???? How will he cope being one of the most popular and well-known people in the whole wizarding world????


1. Head Bang

The door slammed shut behind me. Finally I was out of that smelly, old dungeon! I hated being in detention with Snape - he's almost as bad as my Gran when he is angry! I looked at my watch. Snape had kept me in there for so long that it was already nearly midnight! I was scuttling back to Gryffindor Tower when I ran into a very tall, snooty-looking prefect.

'What are you doing out of bed at this time of night, Longbottom?' he called. 'Get back to your dormitory IMMEDIATELY!!' 

'Erm... sorry... er ... but do you... um... know the Gryffindor password? I've... um... forgotten it,' I mumbled. The prefect sighed.

'It's Levistratus,' he said, clearly annoyed, and he walked away. I rushed up the changing staircases until I found the Fat Lady.

'Password???' she boomed.

'Um.. Levi... er... Lev.. er...' I racked my brains. 'Erm... Levistratus!!' The Fat Lady nodded and the painting swung open. I was very tired so I went straight upstairs to bed as soon as I got in. Once in bed, I looked over to where Harry was sleeping and sighed. Then I said to myself, 'I wish I was more like Harry. I'm so forgetful and clumsy, and he's always so brave and popular. It's just so unfair.' My eye lids felt like they weighed a tonne and not so long afterwards, I drifted into a heavy, uneasy sleep.

I woke to the sound of ravens crowing outside of the window and the sight of the bright sunlight pouring through them. My eyes were stinging painfully and as I stumbled out of bed... CRASH!!! I lay unconscious on the floor, the bump on my head slightly throbbing. And then I woke up to a whole new world...

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