Diana's life was never easy to begin with ever since her parents died when she was ten. Moving in with her aunt and two cousins in Homes Chapel then heading for college at age fifteen. When she returns her entire life is changed when her cousin, Harry, is put in a band. She meets four boys, two of which will turn her life into a dream and a living hell.


5. Three Weeks

Diana's P.O.V

The entire drive home was filled with cheery comments and cheeky smiles. Everyone was so proud of Harry. I'm glad I was able to make it home before the audition. 

I was going to stay at the campus for a couple weeks to help one of my directors who wanted my help in putting together an end of the school year fashion show that they held every year. I was shocked and flattered due to the fact I only graduated and that he was a well-known in the fashion world and he was asking for my help! 

I respectfully declined though thinking of only coming to a family I've miss so much. He did though offered me a job opportunity though if I ever needed work. He gave me his business card and we split ways. I thought about it but the job was so far from home and I didn't want to be far from it. Now that I was back home I knew I had to get a job I know I can't stay with Anne, Harry,and Gemma forever.

Though I wish I could.

When we arrived back in Homes Chapel we said our final goodbyes to everyone who had come with Harry to the audition and head back home. 

"I'm going to get started on dinner!" Anne cheerily says right when we get inside. 

"So Harry? When do you have to go back for boot camp again?" I ask

"Three weeks!" Sounding excited as ever as he replies with a big and bright smile.

"Wow! Are you nervous?" Probably not the best question to ask but its a question.

"A bit but not as much as before, being felt so great! Did you that crowd?! They loved me!" He replies sounding like he's the shit.

"Humble much?" I say rolling my eyes at him.

"Well I'm right. Aren't I?" replying with a smirk on his face.

I don't reply I just give him another eye roll and turn my attention towards Gemma who is looking in the DVR for a movie to watch. We finally decide on watching The Titanic. When Anne begins to bring out plates of steaming hot food on them and into the dining table we pause the movie to go take a seat. As soon as I lift my fork I realize how hungry I was and that all I ate today was a scone and a cup a tea this morning. I finish my plate before everyone else, eating very quickly. I wash my plate and return back to the living room. 

When everyone joins me on the couch I thank Anne for the wonderful meal and begin to play the movie.

During the first 30 minutes of the movie Anne is already out like a light and about half way through the movie I feel my eyes get heavy. I fight to keep them open but it's pointless as my eyes close for a well deserved rest.

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